The use requirements of the internal gear reduction motor parts micro gear motor include the parts shape, size, precision, surface quality and material composition, microstructure, and the working conditions on the properties of parts material requirements. Different parts, the function different, its use requirement also wood with, even the same kind of parts, the selection of material and forming method can make a big difference.
Meet the requirements of gear motor used
According to the above requirements can be obtained, the gear reduction motor selection is very important, for example, the gear reduction motor spindle and gear, the spindle rod parts, but its use requirement is different from ordinary, spindle is the key to the gear reduction motor parts, size, shape and the machining accuracy requirement is very high, complex loading, are not allowed to happen in the long-term use of excessive deformation, Small Geared Motors should choose or 40 cr steel of 45 # steel has good comprehensive mechanical properties of materials, such as through forging and machining and heat treatment strictly; The gear reduction motor gear, the use of the high hardness and high precision steel or heat treatment processing, precision instrument processing can be made. And like a gear reduction motor housing, although only a sealed box body, but in the high-speed operation of the gear reduction motor internal pressure can make lubricating oil leakage, should choose its has good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance is strong, and the high quality of high precision of grey cast iron, low power can adopt aluminum alloy material.
To adapt to the forming process
Geared motor parts forming technology to the difficulty of the quality of parts processing, production efficiency and production cost plays a very important role. When choosing forming method, therefore, must pay attention to structure and material of forming parts fabrication procedure. Geared motor gears, bearings, for example, complicated shape, size is larger, forging forming is often difficult to achieve, if use casting or cutting, the material must have good casting performance or cutting performance, on the parts structure also should meet the requirements of casting into cutting.
The motor temperature rise has much to do with ventilation Small Dc Gear Motor conditions, when insufficient ventilation will increase as motor temperature rise. Drafty shortage is the main reason for the air duct blockage, such as motor air gap, radial air duct and air filter into FengKouChu blocked by dust, the content such as cotton. If the new operation of the motor temperature rise is too large, is the motor itself design is unreasonable, lead to insufficient air volume.