Modeling can be an extremely fun and rewarding career, whether you're doing it to earn some extra money on the side or you're planning to make it your main source of income. There are plenty of models who have gone on to great success in both national and international fashion magazines and on runways around the world, so why not you? But before you can get started, you need to figure out what type of model you are first.


1) Clothing Models

It's hard work to be a professional model. What started as your favorite hobby may quickly become a serious career choice. Before you start booking jobs, consider what kind of modeling you'd like to do. There are four main types of models—each with its own pros and cons. The right type for you will depend on your interests, body type, and personality. Find out which one best fits you! 1) Fashion Model 

2) Commercial Model 

3) Runway Model 

4) Plus-Size Model


2) Runway Models

Runway models are stunning and get paid to look good in front of photographers. They tend to be tall, have perfectly shaped bodies, and walk on heels for hours at a time. But most girls dream about being runway models - because their job is really hard! These models may be 5'11, but they often weigh only 100 pounds. In addition to looking beautiful, they have to work out extremely hard to stay that way - by doing lots of cardio and eating very little. If you want to be a runway model, keep these things in mind: Plan on spending two hours working out each day (and you can't slack off even once!). Fitness will take up half your life when you're trying to make it as a model. If you want to be a model in South Korea, one of the most important things you should learn is how to meet with and choose the best modeling agency Base model management firm for your needs.

3) Print/Catalog Modeling

Print and catalog modeling is basically a dress-up and has your picture taken kind of gig. As an agency model, you'll typically need to work exclusively with one agency, which often includes in-person casting calls (though you may also be able to set up one-on-one appointments with clients directly). The pay isn't usually great (rates start at around $10 per hour for online shoots, for example), but many models enjoy it as a part-time or even full-time job. Depending on how much you book, some agencies might even give you free clothes and other perks! It can take a while to build up a portfolio, though, so expect to spend the first few months just getting booked consistently.


4) Commercial Modeling

Of all modeling types, commercial modeling is possibly one of the most common types you'll encounter in your career. It is where an artist goes to work for a specific client and their brand, doing promotional work and photo shoots. Commercial models can find work through talent agencies, or they can do so independently. Also known as agency or representation models, these artists are usually paid per hour; however, if it is a high-profile campaign with multiple shoots over a period of time, they may get paid at flat rates. This type of modeling isn't usually difficult or strenuous on the body, and most models will tell you that commercial jobs are often their favorites to shoot because they get to be creative while having fun!