Digital marketing today will look much different in 2022 than it does today. While many of the tactics you use today will still be around in five years, others will have been replaced by more effective or innovative methods that the industry has yet to discover. Keep an eye on these five digital marketing trends of 2022, so you can start exploring them now to get ahead of your competition and make your company's digital presence as strong as possible going into the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Think Google search, Facebook's targeted ads and Amazon's recommendations. Artificial intelligence is big business, with businesses across sectors investing in programs that allow them to anticipate (and please) customers, increase productivity and efficiency and forecast trends before they happen. In fact, Gartner predicted that by 2017, AI software will power 25 percent of all high-value activities in large enterprises—up from just 5 percent in 2016. Whether you're looking for an AI software option now or are just trying to understand what it might mean for your business in coming years, artificial intelligence is something you can't afford not to know about.

Visual Content

More brands are taking advantage of visual marketing in order to stand out from competitors. Photos, videos, and graphics will be used as a way to bring in more customers and spread awareness of your product or service. To reach millennials, you will need to put more emphasis on eye-catching visual content rather than simple text. Having an appealing image is one way you can grab their attention and keep it, resulting in a greater conversion rate.


In just one month, mobile Internet usage surpassed desktop for the first time in history. That might be shocking, but even more surprising is that in 2016, marketers still weren’t able to reach a staggering 91% of their customers on mobile devices. This is an absurd statistic and has forced marketers to rethink traditional digital marketing approaches and how they can better engage with consumers across any device or platform. Consumer data continues to grow exponentially as well. In fact, now consumers have more profiles than ever before.

Voice Search

Augmented reality allows you to overlay digital data on top of your environment. Imagine playing a Pokemon Go-style game where, instead of viewing creatures in front of your phone's camera, you see them around you in real life. That's augmented reality! The technology is still new and developing, but as it becomes more advanced and widespread, it will completely change how we interact with our world. We may never need another weather app again.

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Looking out our window could be enough information for us. On a larger scale, we may use AR to replace traditional paper signs. Before your next meeting or class begins at work or school, an AR system can notify you that there's a printer available near the break room so that you can print out a last-minute copy if needed.

Productivity Tools

Almost all industries, from banking and healthcare to retail and media, are now looking at chatbots as a new way to interact with customers and clients. As a result, many are investigating how their brand can begin implementing chatbots for an improved customer experience. In fact, HubSpot predicts that by 2020 there will be at least one in five customer interactions done without a human involved.  For the best discount and save your money buy coupon from the Sneek coupon. Chatbots have been shown to help customers on average deal with five times more enquiries than before its implementation; moreover, 42% of businesses said they expect it to provide a better experience for consumers.