Use defined shapes

Great structures plants are a great addition for your garden. With them, you can make a backdrop for your garden. Evergreens can be arranged in many different ways, including globe- and pyramidal. They can be cut into any shape, including box-woods. Box-woods can be used to form hedges if they are placed together. It should be kept neatly clipped so that the eye follows the path to your door. It acts as a support for plants that grow beyond it. There will be many types of plants in the garden so the squared shapes and dense mounds create repetition.

Use interesting branches

Winter can be a difficult and long season. The yard is devoid of perennials and has seen its color drastically reduced. The garden has become devoid of deciduous trees and shrubs, and is losing much of its color. The redtwig dogwood's brightly colored bark draws attention to it and serves as an exclamation mark in the landscape.

Contrast can be a great way of creating focal points.

You can increase the interest in your garden by focusing on its shape and color. The juniper's tight pyramidal shape is what makes it so remarkable. It is remarkable because of its tight pyramid shape. The border is brightened by the Weigela's cream-variegated leaves.

Hardscaping is a way to add structure to your garden.

Garden's unique shape and texture is more than a result of the plants. With their distinctive texture, shape, and color, the well-placed boulders create a striking contrast. Although they may look the same as other low-growing mounds, their smooth surface and neutral colors provide a safe place for the eye to rest while it scans the garden.

Accents are a great way to create interest in multiple seasons.

Ornaments, and other garden objects, are as important as the plants they support. Many can be left in place all year depending on the material and winter conditions. This creates interest regardless of the season.

Mix-and-match materials

To draw the eye up, the ornaments and containers are placed within and along the border. The garden is formal with a mixture of materials. There are ornaments made from cast concrete, metal planters and stone figures at the fountain. There aren't many options. It is striking because the bold wall of stacked stones breaks down fine textures and is quite striking.

Accents are a way to increase interest.

You can use any object you like as an ornament for your garden. It is important to consider where you will place it. You can use this to enhance the beauty or highlight certain combinations. The metal orbs are striking against the blue fescue tufts because of their geometric shape. They provide structure and interest to the garden.

Structured plants, as we have seen, can make your garden more interesting and give you more variety throughout the year. Let's take a look at five plants that will transform your yard. These include perennials with distinctive characteristics that will make your garden stand apart, as well deciduous and evergreen shrubs. Learn more about the unique characteristics of each plant and how you can grow them. Visit the Garden Designs Ballarat.


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