What is important to you when choosing the next mattress? Durability? Price? Size or material? Or all of them together? For most of us, buying a mattress can exercise imagination and patience due to all the options available at our fingertips. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a mattress online UK, and you have to choose between two types; either a spring mattress or a memory foam one. In the following pages we will try to explain the difference between them and each offer's advantages.

Do you want to go for a somewhat more expensive option or a slightly cheaper one? Are you interested in hypoallergenic materials, or is this something you don't need? Do you want versatility or excellent spinal support? Your decision will have significant ramifications, and the quality of sleep you can gain with your new purchase can translate into your future personal and professional success.

Why Would You Purchase a Spring Mattress?

spring mattress has long been the go-to solution for a quality night's sleep. Things have changed in the meantime, and technology has evolved quite a bit, and nowadays, you can find a greater variety of materials and designs for every kind of buyer. But this type of mattress can still be a good buy if you are interested in a few specific features. First of all, spring mattresses are, on average, slightly cheaper than quality foam mattresses and can also provide, in many cases, better air circulation due to their specific design.

Next, this type of mattress also has the advantage of versatility and availability at any price point and in almost any size. Unlike a memory foam mattress, a spring-based mattress does not mold to your body, which can be considered a disadvantage. But this type of mattress can be just as comfortable if your body proportions change over the years. And the passing of years is also an advantage for these types of mattresses because, on average, their lifespan is slightly longer than that of memory foam mattresses.

Why Would You Buy a Memory Foam Mattress?

If you've searched for a Mattress online UK, you've probably come across various memory foam mattresses at affordable prices. Their price has indeed come down quite a bit with their rise in popularity; nowadays, these mattresses have become perhaps as common as their spring counterparts. And rightly so, as they benefit from several aspects that many may consider an advantage over a regular mattress.

A foam mattress, as specified above, can mold itself to your body, which brings some significant benefits to the stability of your spine. Whatever body structure you have, a memory foam mattress will mold precisely to the contours of your vertebrae which can be extraordinarily beneficial if you suffer from conditions such as cervical spondylosis or herniated discs. Awkward and improper sleeping habits can affect our posture and, therefore, our long-term health, which should not be ignored. A memory foam mattress can alleviate many of these problems and provide stability needed to improve the pain caused by your spinal disorders.

Your Health is the Most Important Thing of All

If you have been looking for a Mattress online UK, you may have noticed that the average price of a new mattress has reached over $1000 for a queen-size one, which represents a significant investment that should not be treated with indifference. Innerspring-based mattresses offer slightly more versatility, are usually cheaper, and are perhaps, on average, somewhat more durable with the added benefit of having better air circulation.

Still, memory foam-based mattresses are ideal for people who want to maintain proper posture when sleeping. The latest technology in the field has also created hypo-allergenic materials for memory foam mattresses, which is beneficial for people suffering from severe allergies to dust mites or other irritants.

Spring mattress 

Are You Tired of Searching for a Mattress Online UK?

We don't blame you; nearly thirty-six million mattresses are sold annually in the United States alone, and the number is growing. The truth is that we live in a period in which we are bombarded with more and more offers and choices, and objective information about which product is better is lost in the variety of titles and designations that are hard to follow. Restful sleep, however, is one of the main contributors to our success and prosperity. It's no use working hard and trying to make the right decisions for ourselves if our sleep is less than ideal, leading to decreased productivity. And because of this, choosing the perfect mattress for your needs should be a priority.

Searching for a Mattress online UK, though, can be easy if you know what you want and if you are aware of the particularities of each type of mattress. Do you want hypoallergenic technology combined with state-of-the-art memory foam to give you correct sleeping posture and treat lumbar and cervical conditions? Then maybe a memory foam mattress is right for you. Do you want a slightly cheaper alternative that offers increased versatility and proper air circulation? Then perhaps a spring-based mattress is what you're looking for.

It’s a Good Thing You Have So Many Options

Searching for a mattress online UK can be challenging, but you should know that your perseverance can prove very important. Whether we are talking about a spring mattress or a foam mattress, the features of these two technologies have the ultimate goal of comfort & support for the user. And for that, there should be no limitation and no doubt about whether you are making a suitable investment.

Sleep quality is one of the main aspects influencing your daily life. Just think how it would be to have an important job interview the next day only to wake up with unbearable pain due to inadequate lumbar support during rest. Yes, a new mattress is a significant investment, but fortunately, it should not happen too often, and the sleep benefits of a quality mattress can be worth ten times your initial investment.