I tip extensions are a type of hair extension that attaches to natural hair using bent microfibers and/or a metallic cylinder. Although they're the same as other types of links, they're not exactly the same. I tip extensions differ and made of separate sections of hair connected with a cylinder component. They typically connect to the user's own natural hair. Professional human hair I tip extensions are light and simple to put on. The I Tip extensions use regenerated hair strands that are more resistant to moisture, less break and last longer. This is a permanent extensions option. We show how our I tip extensions are able to help you achieve this, may help you get an entirely new look for your hair, one that is more voluminous and attractive. We have the best hair extensions available and have unique solutions for all your hair-related needs. I suggest extensions are perfect for anybody who wants to add volume or length to their hair no matter if they have fine, thick, long, or short hair.

It is also crucial to understand what extensions will work best for your hair texture.

Advantages of I tip extensions

We'll discuss the advantages of I extension tips. These extensions have many benefits and features that will amaze you.

  • I-Tip Hair Extensions Create a shorter-haired appear great

A lot of women desire to appear larger and more attractive for various reasons. I Tip extensions were created so that women can improve their appearance in addition. Do you find your natural hair to be dull and lifeless? An I-tip extension must be present included in your hair as they can totally transform a person's appearance.

You now have complete control over how long your hair grows, without having to spend months or years buying hair products. Furthermore, the gloss and softness provided by extensions will surpass your expectations.

  • Stick Tip Attachment Can Be Done In -house

Without the help of a professional, those with the proper supplies and abilities may easily install I extension tips at home. This is, generally one of the biggest advantages for women who want to cut costs on the installation alone.

  • I-Tips are the ideal option for thin strands.

One of the drawbacks and benefits of I-tip extensions is the pressure that other weaves put on your hair. Because I-tip hair extensions are light, they don't place any strain on your hair. As a result, these I tip extensions are ideal for people with weak or thin hair. I tip extensions are great for those with thin or weak hair strands.

  • They're a fantastic alternative to hot fusion

Because they're cold-fusion, I tips are the perfect alternative to hot fusion. Installation of hot fusion could take 3-4 hours. I-tips installation takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. Furthermore, you will not require any heat source and they won't melt.

  • Natural Strands aren't harmful

The influence on your hair's natural hair the hair strands has a significant impact. Tips and drawbacks of other knots. They can harm hair, so most people avoid them. I-tip extensions are a good option even if you've never tried I-tip extensions before. They are not damaging to the hair you already have. You must correctly place extensions without using any chemicals or instruments that could be hot.

There is no harm to the original hair if extensions are taken care of properly. There is no chance of damaging the hair strands since extensions are not installed with the use of heating tools.

The drawbacks of extensions for I-tips

There isn't any benefit without a disadvantage. There are some drawbacks of I extension extensions to tips:

  • It is possible that the installation could be difficult

One of the main reasons why hair installation can be difficult is because you don't know how to complete it. As previously said it is essential to have a basic understanding of how to use the tools needed. You can learn how to set up I tip extensions at home through watching YouTube. You will also need some tools, which can be bought at any salon or at a store.

  • Its maintenance requires special care

It also requires extra attention to maintain. When washing or brushing I tip extensions, for example, you must be particularly careful. Cleaning too close to beads may cause them to shift or the I-tip strands can be separated. Be gentle when washing your beads, and do not tug at them.

  • Washing and brushing can be an extremely difficult task

Individuals who have I Tip hair extensions might find it difficult to clean and comb them. Make sure to maintain I Tip extensions using caution and extra time. Be careful not to tie I Tip hair extensions to pearls. Begin brushing at the ends, and work your upwards. Then, gently push the extensions. Don't pull on the extensions or scratch them.

  • You'll Need Installation Tools

While purchasing hair tools isn't an issue, it can be costly. It is impossible to use I tip extensions without the use of beads and pliers.

You can purchase these instruments in a shop or at a salon and they're very inexpensive. You need to be able to use these tools properly prior to applying hair extensions.


What is it that makes them so Good?

I-tips extensions are a fantastic alternative since they provide access to your scalp. The hair you have naturally would be left out when the majority of your own hair is secured down beneath the extensions. It's only going to the hair salon for a short duration. It can take around 1 and a half hours to install the I-tip. Even without restriction of braids, your real hair can flow freely. The I tip extensions allow for greater movement and can be folded into a low-maintenance wrap. They are able to be styled the same as hair extensions.

How long you manage to make use of the extensions I have tipped?

If maintained properly and regularly washing, hair will last between 6 and 8 weeks. One package of hair can be used in multiple settings. The protein that joins the I tip extensions, on either hand, will eventually break down because it weakens with each washing.

How often should I clean my extensions?

I tip extensions don't absorb oils from the scalp like other extensions of hair. This means they do not need to be washed as often like other extensions. I tip extensions should be washed after 15-20 usages or when you notice a build-up of product. I tip extensions will last longer if you clean them less often.

Wash I tip extensions by using shampoo, moisturizer and a masque for hydrating. Do not make any circular movements to wash your hair extensions.

Do I have the ability to have my I Tip extensions to be soaked?

All of our hair extensions are made from the highest high-quality 100 percent of hair, meaning you could get wet, be washed, and treated exactly as your natural hair (for more info about how to maintain your hair extensions to ensure they last for the longest time, see 'How do I maintain my I tip extensions?'). If you intend on going for a swim, you should keep in mind that chlorine and saltwater like our own hair, can harm and dry up your hair. Chlorine is known to cause discoloration of hair particularly lighter blonde shades therefore, avoid getting your hair wet in pool or the ocean if it is at all feasible. Avoid washing your hair with shampoo that contains sulfate or conditioner if you use it.

Do I have to use oily products on my extensions?

We don't recommend that I tip extensions buyers use oily products. In some cases, oil can interfere with the connection between your extensions. Therefore, beware of using products that contain oil.

Do I need to use hairspray for my extensions?

If you're choosing to used hair sprays or another fashion item, stay clear of the ones which contain alcohol. (Alcohol could make your hair very dry.) Avoid using hair items like foam, hair gels and gels when you can, since they may dry out users' hair, causing it to get caught in a knot. Hair styling products can also cause hair to get clogged. If this occurs, you should use the complication shampoo twice during the month to get rid of accumulation and residue.

Can I go to sleep with my hair wet?

Before applying I tip extensions ensure that they are dry completely before going to bed. If your hair gets wet prior to going to bed hair, tangles can develop. At night, dry your hair and then braid your hair extensions in loose, long hair.

Can I reuse my tip extensions?

Our quality consistently receives high praise. They're an excellent investment if you can keep them in excellent condition.

Excellent advice! If you intend to reuse your I tip extensions be sure to let the extension expert know prior to when they're installed. This method, your expert will ensure that the tip of the bond is correctly installed so that it can be reused.

If I'm doing a complete head how many hair extensions do I require?

Each box contains 20 strands of hair, each one weighing 1 grams. 5-6 packs may be enough for your client who has fine hair, is thin and has layers, and is around shoulder length.

Since you'll be mixing the I-tip extensions for a natural appearance you’ll require 10-12 packs of hair for a person who has a short haircut with a medium to thick density. You'll need at least 5 packages, or 100 strands of hair extensions to the most clients. The number of I tip extensions needed would depend on the length and density of the hair as well as the desired length and volume. It is crucial that the customer comes in to consult before installing I tips.

What brush should I choose for my extensions?

We recommend using large teeth to keep your extensions looking great, use combed and specific tools, as well with a looped brush designed specifically for I tip extensions. The standard brushes won't give the same results and low-quality brushes can damage the extensions. While combing your hair, begin in the direction of the downwards before then move up.

Is it necessary for me to wash my extensions on a regular basis?

It is suggested that you will do this at least three times per each day. This will help in dispersing and reducing the amount of knots. Start with the tips and work your way up, keeping the roots in one hand and the tips in the other. It is possible to use a wide tooth combing tool or a specially designed looped brush specifically for I tip extensions.


I-tips extensions provide length, volume, and thickness to hair, much like any extensions. It is more difficult to set up and maintain as compared to other types of. We hope this will help you better understand the benefits and disadvantages of I tip extensions. Hair extensions like these offer greater advantages than other types. The I tip hair extension is a great choice for those with short or thin hair. A hair extension is more effective than waiting for your hair to grow back months later. Temporary hair extensions are a great way to alter your hair on a regular basis, however permanent extensions are recommended for those who plan on using them for a longer period of time.


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