Jewellery is a valuable adornment which is very personal and brings out a person’s unique beauty. Its designs and elements vary with various cultures and are a prized possession for every woman bearing cultural and hereditary significance. Among the elements used to make jewellery, diamonds are one of the most loved and desired elements. When it comes to jewellery, GIA certified diamonds are one of the best in the world, bringing optimum shine and having the finest finishing you could ever find.  


Now let us delve into the intricate details of the invention, history, evolution and trending jewellery pieces. 


Jewellery, a timeless piece of art:


  • Invention and Early History of Jewellery


The first signs of jewellery date back to 115,000 years ago, reportedly created by the Neanderthals of Europe. They made these jewellery pieces out of perforated beads featuring seashells, small stones, marbles etc. Moving ahead in time, jewellery making establishments were first invented roughly 3,000 to 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians popularised gold as an element for jewellery as it exuded rarity and luxury. They introduced glass and other semi-precious stones to complement the accent of gold jewellery. India was one of the first countries to mine diamonds dating back to 296 BC and incorporated in their jewels as it bore the signs of immense value and immorality. 


  • Evolution through the Mediaeval and Renaissance Era


The middle ages were sluggish, which gradually progressed into the Renaissance era. The Renaissance Era brought a whole new change as the old world civilizations gradually evolved, but it also had a massive impact on the cultures, religion, technology, and fashion. During this period, the introduction of the art of carving precious raw material into the form of jewellery was only possible with the advancement of technology. Gold was still one of the most popular elements used in jewellery of the middle ages, which evolved into the intricate designs of gold and vermeil jewellery showcasing innovation in the Renaissance Era.


  • How traditional and modern jewellery is different


Traditional jewellery bears intense cultural significance, while modern jewellery is focuses on the latest trends heavily influencing the world, while changing from time to time. Modern jewellery is minimalistic and contemporary, while the traditional ones signify the honour of a woman who stands as a symbol of heritage. Modern jewellery is the current trend as women are more inclined towards wearing lightweight jewellery like the latest chunky gold chains complemented with diamonds and gemstones.


Carrying forward the undeniable legacy of jewellery


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