Office cleaning A professional office cleaning service offers more than a comfortable and clean workplace - there are other benefits that are worth it. Studies have shown that companies that use professional office cleaning get more productivity from their employees, and this relationship is consistent for a number of reasons.

Professional office cleaning services have two main reasons for increasing employee productivity: less workload and better environmental conditions.

Reduce staff overload – Employees who are asked

to clean in addition to their normal duties are more likely to produce quality work due to the overload. This doesn't mean they are average at what they do, but they also clean. In short, if an employee is asked to wash windows, clean, dust, sweep floors and move around in addition to their daily routine, there is something to lose, even if it is mundane. in the backseat, otherwise they cannot complete all the cleaning work in one day, except for the normal work.

This leads to lower morale, increased stress and decreased productivity. The National Institute of Mental Health says that asking employees to do this type of multitasking results in a 20 to 40 percent decrease in efficiency. In other words, employees who are asked to clean their work environment in addition to their normal job duties cannot do everything - resulting in long hours (and overtime) and reduced work efficiency, which can affect their work. .

Clean buildings mean fewer sick days A 2009 study

 by the University of San Diego's Burnham-Moore Real Estate Center found that professional office cleaning services increased productivity. To confirm the correlation, they found that employees felt better when working in a cleaner environment and were psychologically stimulated. As their work ethic increased, they became more productive. In addition, a cleaner environment reduced the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses—employees reported fewer sick days, which increased productivity during sick days. Better air quality provides relief for allergy sufferers and asthma sufferers, improving concentration, reducing pain and improving overall functioning in all areas.

Other benefits - Hiring professional office cleaners gives

the company a discount on cleaning costs because the service supplies its own supplies. If the employer does not have to keep an inventory of cleaning equipment, it is usually worth the price of a professional service. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, this makes it worth investing in office cleaning supplies. When choosing kontorrengøring , choose people who have the company's best interests at heart and know that a clean office environment means a better place to work. Increase employee productivity by adding reliable and affordable office cleaning!