Meet copywriter Kathryn and Woody, a chartered accountant. They were married around 30 June 2018 inside a ceremony at Salcombe, Devon than a marquee reception in nearby Thurlestone.

Kathryn decided on a spectacular watercolor floral print ballgown from via in Leamington Spa. I love its classic silhouette – the sweetheart neckline having a beautifully draped bodice, as well as – that bow!

"I knew I didn't wish to wear white, it's simply not my color. It was tricky as I suspected that my mum had always imagined me in white and I didn't wish to disappoint her, however, in the end, she wanted me to possess something which was 'me'. The bow behind was probably my favorite thing about this; how it's kind of around the wonk causes it to be so unusual, and how the fabric falls from this is dreamy."

Despite attending the same university, Kathryn and Woody never met throughout their three years spent there! Five years ago, however, Woody gatecrashed an event held by Kathryn and her housemates, arriving together with his friend (later Best Man) Matt and the girlfriend (and today wife) Ethné.

"Ethné have been talking up this person Woody to me for a few years and I had never taken much notice, not believing in blind dates or match-making. Matt had similarly been telling Woody he required to meet me, too. Again, he'd been steadfastly ignoring these tips."

"We talked through the night, and I wound up giving him my number. Sadly, as Woody likes to tell people as well as included in his wedding speech, I was able to give him the incorrect phone number. I had drunkenly switched the final two digits. No matter how often I defend this drunken action, Woody still believes I did it purposely. I did not. I liked him immediately; he was funny, kind, and clever. Furthermore, he appeared to think I was funny and clever."

The couple moved in together 2 yrs later when Woody asked Kathryn to marry him at sunset crossing the lovely Albert Bridge in London.

"…He was right now sweating and practically shaking. "OH." I thought to myself, "RIGHT. I understand what's happening!" Call me slow, however, it had simply not occurred in my experience. He got recorded on one knee (because he's hopelessly old-fashioned), said something incredibly lovely, and inquired about marrying him."

Kathryn and her party made their method to the church in restored vintage Land Rovers owned by childhood friends, Jack and Ben. Together with her dad, Kathryn walked on the aisle to satisfy Woody, to Wagner's Bridal March played around the church organ.

The groomsmen all wore matching waistcoats to Woody's, with Best Man Matt wearing a matching crab print tie to Woody, and also the groomsmen in grey ties with white polka dots. As big day gifts these were also given hip flasks showing their initials and tiny Lego superheroes.

The bridesmaids wore pretty maxi mint green bridesmaid dresses, that they wore using their selection of footwear.

"My niece (Nia) and goddaughter (Zara) wore little white dresses embroidered with horses. They were carried out with sashes produced from the off-cuts of my wedding gown to give them a little bit of color."

They also wore sweet rose gold bunny shoes, and bow headbands and florist Caroline gave them wicker heart wands to wave, too. As gifts, Kathryn gave them rag dolls embroidered using their names along with a copy of each one of the brilliant book Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls.

Their destination was their marquee reception held inside a field in nearby Thurlestone, overlooking beautiful Burgh Island, using the bridesmaids driven within the second vintage Land Rover!

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"I also felt silly for fretting that I was 'too fat to become a proper bride' at some point. I think about this statement now and may laugh aloud at myself. I lost a little, token little bit of weight ahead of the wedding through excitement but abandoned every wedding diet I started because I was too busy."

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