An instant personal loan is flexible. You get it fast. It has minimal documentation. The benefits of going for personal loans are numerous. 

An instant personal loan lets you get quick funding for a financial emergency. It can be anything - a medical emergency or making a big purchase. Whatever your requirement is, a personal loan is there to fulfill it.

By far it is the most reasonable choice in comparison to any other loan. Still not sure about it? Read on to know how personal loan is better than any other form of credit. 

Why Personal Loans Are Better? 

The feature that sets an online personal loan above others is that it does not require collateral. For almost all other loans, you need to submit some kind of security. It requires that if you default, you risk losing the asset or property you submitted as a guarantee.  

A personal loan relieves you from this stress. You don’t risk losing anything, even in the instance of default. Here are the other reasons that make a personal loan better than any other form of credit: 

They Eliminate The Need For Paperwork 

You need to get at least some documentation done with your lender in a traditional scenario. Instant personal loans eliminate this stress. You may have to submit certain documents, but the entire process is online & hassle-free. Certain lenders even let customers complete the entire process from their smartphones.  

All that can be done is download our personal loan app and do as per the instructions seen on the screen. Home Credit SuperCupo is one such lender that has automated the entire process of availing a personal loan. 

They Help You Save Time 

Since you can use a personal loan app for the entire process, getting an online personal loan helps you save time. You can even complete the application within one day and get approved instantly. The lender verifies your eligibility and then you receive the loan amount in your bank account. Even if it takes some time, that is faster than acquiring the same through a traditional bank loan. 

Instant Personal Loans Are Flexible 

An online personal loan provides you with utmost flexibility. You can use it for any purpose. And you don’t have to a limitation to use the funds you receive. You can have a vacation, have a destination wedding, or buy your favorite car - no one can question. 

Lenders Give Utmost Priority to Borrowers 

Today’s lenders treat their borrowers as kings. They let them apply for a loan at any time, even at midnight. To apply for a loan with lenders like Home Credit SuperCupo, all you need is your smartphone and our personal loan app designed for the purpose. And you can simply get your loan application approved within a few hours of applying for the same. 

Minimal Documentation 

Documentation is one of the stumbling blocks people find when applying for a personal loan. Applying online eliminates this fatigue. When you apply for a personal loan with Home Credit SuperCupo, you can get instant approval on funds up to Rs. 5 lakhs with just 2 documents – your identity & address proof! 


Getting an online personal loan is indeed a breeze today. You can just go online and download the SuperCupo app and apply for it. If you are a reliable borrower, getting an online personal loan is the best. Download our instant loan app, apply for a loan, wait for it to be sanctioned, receive the money in your bank account - done!