QuickBooks is a powerful accounting tool that can help small businesses and accounting professionals keep their finances on track. Many accounting professionals and small business owners alike are now becoming aware of the benefits that can be found with a QuickBooks hosting solution. But just how can your small business or your accounting clients benefit from a hosted QuickBooks application?

There are actually several key benefits to taking advantage of hosting QuickBooks, with the number one benefit being the incredible cost savings that is typically seen with a hosted application. A large number of companies report that their overall IT budget is by and large the largest operational expense that they have. QuickBooks hosting services can help the average company and accounting professional see as much as a 50% reduction in their IT expenses. In an uncertain business world, it is important to cut as many costs as is possible, from as many reasonable areas of the company.

The ability to access key financial data from anywhere is one benefit that simply cannot be overlooked. Accounting professionals no longer need to spend excessive amounts of time driving to their client's offices. While some aspects of the job should be handled face-to-face, there are an overwhelming number of functions that can be handled remotely. Hosting QuickBooks allows accounting professionals to meet the needs of their client, no matter where they are located. This can also help accounting firms to expand their reach and service clientele who may be located further afield. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop.

A hosted QuickBooks solution will also typically come with an increase in system reliability. Failures are bound to happen, no matter whose servers are hosting the application. The key difference between your servers crashing and your hosting company's servers crashing is that when your servers are down you typically have little to no access to your company's financial data for as long as it takes to get your machines back up and running. However when your hosting company's servers experience outages, their backup systems located in another data center will typically kick into gear and allow you the continued access that will help you to keep your business functional.

The IT experts managing your data are not just able to keep things fully operational, despite server outages, but they will be able to help you with any problems or concerns that you have with your access or with the application itself. Having on-call IT professionals who can readily address your hosted QuickBooks concerns can only prove to be hugely beneficial for your business.

Managed hosting companies also have the resources needed to ensure that all of your data is encrypted using the latest technology tools. Knowing that your data is as secure as can be will offer you incredible peace of mind.

As a decision maker for your business, you should take the time to consider just how many benefits your company can see with the addition of a hosted QuickBooks solution.