The market for coconut bowls is increasing in demand leading to a comparatively saturated market for retailers. With more and more offerings in the niche market, it is of utmost importance that businesses find ways to differentiate their products from competitors. Simple Decor, a wholesale supplier, is here to help with expanding your coconut bowls product lines and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Here are our solutions for your business.

coconut-bowls-wholesale-supplier-simple-decorFor those unfamiliar with coconut bowls or other natural Home Decor products, a common question is “Whether coconut bowls are reusable?“. The answer is “Yes, they are definitely reusable”. Coconut bowls are among the most sustainable products and can be used for extended periods of time without leaving a negative impact on the environment. As wholesalers, is this answer relevant to your business? The answer is, again, a big “Yes”. The keyword of the decade has been and will remain “sustainability”. Wholesale coconut bowls are sustainable “gold mine” just waiting to be exploited. 

Wholesale Coconut Bowls Make Your Business Sustainable

The first problem for any business is stability in input and output. Whether the business is scalable or not depends greatly on how well it can manage its resources. This is also the cause of the recent hype toward sustainability. Businesses are now more evident about how dependent the longevity of their operations is on sustainable supply chains. For this reason, coconut bowls and similar products from natural materials are benefiting businesses greatly. We can find many coconut products cultivated largely in the southern part of Vietnam and involved in multiple industries of the country. This makes their supplies readily available. A wholesale supplier of coconut bowls like Simple Decor can maintain a steady supply of over 30000 coconut bowls per month. This stability means that there are fewer risks in the form of supply disruptions for wholesalers. 


Other than the sustainable input, the products themselves are exceptionally durable for a natural product. The nemesis of natural materials is humidity. Natural materials are prone to molds when met with high humidity incentivizing some suppliers to use preservatives. However, Coconut bowls are made to be waterproof. If not for this trait, we would never be able to taste coconut juice. Hence, they are naturally resistant to molding (of course nothing is absolute) to certain extents. The only addition in the production of coconut bowls is the addition of coconut oil for polishing. So far, Coconut bowls for wholesale have proven to be a durable product line (in both product and operations). We hope this insight might be of help to your growth as a business. To get a deeper understanding, explore more about The Wholesale Manufacturing Process of Coconut Bowls here.

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Coconut Bowls Made in Vietnam Save the Environment

It is the job of a business to clearly communicate the benefits of its offerings to the target audience. And sustainable Coconut Bowls are prime examples of how businesses can gain more than just financial benefits from their products. Coconut Bowls are sustainable, yes, especially so regarding their impact on the environment. For starters, Bowls made of Coconut are the eco-friendly alternatives to conventional bowls (whose materials range from plastic to metal and glass). To keep them as natural as possible, artisans directly handcraft the coconut husks without too much intervention. This is evident in their close to no carbon emission production process.


Additionally, as previously mentioned, this unique product line started as a byproduct of other industries. The source of the coconut husks usually comes from “unwanted waste” from the tourism and food and beverage industries. Craftsmen utilized the “otherwise-would-go-to-waste” coconut husks to add more value without harming the environment. The adoption of coconut bowls product lines from a wholesale supplier is a movement for the Earth. To connect with the credible partners, explore our Tips to find Trustworthy Coconut Bowls Wholesale Suppliers here

Bowls Made from Coconut help the Society

As can be guessed from the numerous benefits of Coconut Bowls, they also help contribute greatly to the local society. Coconuts’ supply chain used to stop the extraction of juice, and the remains would go to landfills. However, the supply chain expanded one step further, creating many more jobs. Additionally, coconut farmers now gain more income from this material utilization. Coconuts grow in coastal areas with constant flooding, this leaves the local residents with a lot of hardships. The increase in demand for coconut products pushes for more coconut trees to be cultivated, and, along with higher income, helps prevent floods from ravaging the area.


All in all, coconut bowls for wholesale have proven themselves to be the product line of the future. Check out more product ideas of our specialized Coconut Bowls for wholesale here. We can customize the original coconut bowls with other materials such as lacquer, eggshell, and mother-of-pearl.

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