At the point when you are moving, then most certainly you are honored with the chance of presenting a few fine changes throughout everyday life. With regards to ladies of the house, then, at that point, they really don't have an idea of the number of garments they have until and except they begin to start packing them for relocation.

Staying alert about the situation and having a technique generally support improvement. In the process of packing clothes, a decent company of packers and movers in Bangalore is required.

Here is a list of tips that will most likely assist you with packing garments for the move

  1. Firstly, decide what to keep and what to donate or sell. Prepare three categories of boxes. This will help you identify the category of clothes. 
  • Trash category- unwanted clothing items should fall in this trash category.
  • Donate category- clothes that are in good condition and are wearable you can donate them to NGOs or to the people who need them.
  • Keep category- the clothes that you are wanted to keep. Keep them in the keep category.

2 Get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you, are in bad condition, or you’re just no longer using them.

3 You may have a surplus of clothes. But holding them all is not a good plan. Follow the rule of the below category of boxes.

4 Collect the right packing supplies to pack your garments.

5 Avoid overstuffing boxes. It can lead to damage and torn clothes

6 Wash clothes before packing to avoid extra work after the moving process. Also, if you pack dirty clothes, it will create unpleasant odors.

7 Place heavy clothes such as lehenga, blazers, etc in the bottom, and then place light clothing items such as tees, shirts, tops, and other lighter items at the top.

The bottom line-

Hence, if you planning to pack on your own, then the above tips will help you for sure in a more effective way. Also, you can appoint the services of packers and movers in the HSR layout to make the procedure much easier.