If you're a black woman looking for a quick style change, you can try Bob's wig.

In the meantime, this blog will give you some tips on how to buy a better Bob wig.

Points to note before purchase
Before purchasing a crimped Bob wig, you need to check if you have the following qualifications.
These can change the way your scalp looks and feels.
1. Remy human hair
Bob wigs made from human hair should be more natural, with the cuticles aligned in one direction to help restore the shape of the hair after cleaning as well as maintain its texture over time.
2. Breathable mesh
Air permeability is very important in HD lace wigs. When you wear a wig deals, the whole scalp will be covered.
If it's closed and the scalp can't breathe, the hair will stink or itch.
When choosing a wig, pay attention to whether the mesh is breathable. They can ventilate and breathe your scalp, making your hair and body healthier.
3. Divide freely
Before buying a Bob wig, check the hairline on the lace to see if the hair can be adjusted.
If you choose a side or middle section, this will limit your ability to do other hairstyles that require a separate hairline.
If you choose a free-parting wig, you are free to create the look you want.

The good thing about Bob's wig
1. Convenient
Bob wigs wore simpler, more distinctive hair in a shorter style.
Bob wigs are shorter and easier to care for than other wigs.
So if you wanted to look good and save time, Bob Wigs was a good choice.
2. Cover the whole
Unlike a forehead, closure, or ponytail, Bob wigs are denser, more compact, and cover a wider area of the scalp.
This is a great option for those who want a full head of hair.
3. Freestyling
Since Bob wigs are made of mesh and lace, you can move your hair freely and don't have to worry about mixing and twining with natural hair compared to other types of wigs.
After styling, you can get a head of clean hair.

The downside of Bob's wig
1. Scalp ventilation
While breathable netting and lace can relieve the pressure of scalp ventilation, any wig once worn regularly will certainly not breathe as well as our scalps in the natural environment, which can cause sweating and skin irritation.
So take it off when you don't need it, or before you go to bed.
2. Perform regular maintenance
Also, any wig needs regular maintenance.
Bob wigs come in more convenient lengths and sizes, but don't be sloppy.
Careful care will prolong its service life.
3. The installation
Finally, you should notice how Bob Wigs is installed.
While length and volume may seem more dominant than long hair since they completely cover your scalp, fusing in the hairline can be a little tricky.
To create a more natural hairline and give the wig a more natural look, check out the official video on Asteriahair.

Some Bob Wigs styles were recommended
Here, you can choose to have five different Bob Wigs, defined by the length of the wig.
1. Bob wigs with short curls
Short Curly Bob wigs are popular as short wigs because they give you a clean and curvy look.
Because of the curvature of the wig itself, it makes your hair look bigger and fluffier.
Plus, it's easier to care for and store than long hair.

2. A Short Straight Bob wig
Short Straight Bob Wigs had the feel of independent women and were smaller and more elaborate than Short Curly Bob Wigs.
In some countries, "professionals" keep their hair short and straight, believing it will save them time combing it for better work.
Also, if it's summer, it's highly recommended that you use a short, straight Bob wig, which will keep you cool.

3. Short Deep Wave Bob Lace wig
Short Deep Wave Bob Lace Wigs were larger than Short Curly Bob Wigs.
In a way, they're smaller and easier to manage.
The one that suits you better is the best.

4. A Short Body Wave Bob wig
Short-wave Bob wigs look like natural waves.
False hair was easier than the first two Bob boys.
The wig is so big that you hardly have to worry about tangles.
You may find it easier to take care of your daily routine.

5. Short Bob wig
Water Wave Short Bob Wigs were just as they were called, and Water Wave Short Bob Wigs were somewhere between Short Curly Bob Wigs and Short Body Wave Bob Wigs.
If you're looking for a wig that will make your hair look fuller, but not too fluffy, then this wig is definitely worth a try.

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