We are a society of technologically-obsessed people who aren't comfortable unless we are constantly connected via some sort of digital device. Because the world is moving online, many in the advertising industry believe that print advertising has been abandoned.

This is simply not true

Print is still alive. Advertisers who include print in their marketing mix can significantly increase their response rates. These are just six benefits of printing advertising.

Print Advertising’s Advantages

1.Leveraged Credibility

Advertisers can leverage this credibility by placing ads in respected print publications that provide reliable, high-quality content. The "halo effect" is the result of brands placing ads in respected print publications. This creates the same positive feelings among readers as those associated with the publication. This makes it easier to generate leads and sales by making your ads trustworthy.

2. Print Swayed "Influentials".

A MRI Survey of the American Consumer revealed that print ads are influential on "influentials," consumers who can influence others. 51% were influenced to some degree by magazines, while 53% were influenced in part by newspapers.

3.The Attention spans of print readers are longer

The human attention span has been slashed by the digital age. While we surf the internet with six tabs open, someone instant messages us and another texts us. "The Walking Dead” is playing in the background. We aren't as open to digital advertising around us.

Print readers on the other side don't usually multitask when reading a newspaper or magazine, which makes them more open to the advertisements within the publication.

4 Advantages to Print Advertising Unplugging Is In

We mentioned the fact that tech-obsessed people are often tech-obsessed, but these tech-obsessed people have come to realize the importance of unplugging every once in a while. Being the best Digital Marketing Company in Ri, we use print media to entertain and engage ourselves when we unplug from digital life.

5. Print ads offer more flexibility and options

You can target your audience with print ads. You can select the section in which your audience reads most often from the magazine or newspaper. Advertisements can be placed in specific magazines, or in only papers that deliver to your local area. Your ads can be published in either Wednesday's or Sunday's newspaper.

Print allows you to customize your campaigns to suit your budget. You can offer quarter-page, full-page, and half-page ads. Finally, printing allows you to work directly with an actual person when purchasing your ad space. This is in contrast to using an online algorithm to determine where your ads should be placed.

6.Print ads drive action

According to the Nielson Global Trust, 65% of print readers take action after reading an advertisement in a newspaper. People who saw an advertisement from a national grocery store were six times more likely than those who saw it at the supermarket to purchase the product.

We mentioned in the beginning that print and digital advertising can work together to produce dramatic results. QR codes and other interactive features in print ads have helped bridge the digital-print divide. Promos that offer free downloads or social media URLs encourage prospects and customers to interact with brands online. This will inevitably increase traffic and awareness.

Ad campaigns that reach the right markets, communicate effectively, and drive action are examples of successful advertising campaigns. Advertisers can take advantage of the many benefits of print advertising, and add it to their marketing mix to increase awareness and generate revenue. For more detail, you can contact our Branding Company in Rhode Island.