It is quite difficult to send your children to school at the age of 3 or 4 years. Being for the first time, it's hard for kids to take the separation anxiety. But sending your child to a high-quality preschool is worth it if you really want them to achieve great milestones in life.

At preschools, kids are provided with the opportunity to create a strong pre-academic and social foundation. They are taught the general life skills that provide them with a leg up in the schooling years and beyond. According to the research, children graduating from preschool are bestowed with enhanced readiness, higher earnings, and incarceration rates.

Let's understand 5 reasons why preschool cannot be avoided for your kid:

Children develop the art of social skills

When children spend so much time in preschool with other kids as well as adults, they get the opportunities to know the art of making friends, listening, cooperating, and building foundational conversation skills. 

Preschool helps children become true learners

We know young children can learn while playing. It can become hectic for kid to be introduced to the classroom at the first instance. There is even a huge possibility that they do not develop a sense of curiosity.

The best school in Gujarat creates much-needed opportunities for kids to learn in multiple ways that they find interesting. They help children create a positive association with education and learning. They create the drive to learn new things in kids that will actually take them forward during their schooling years.

Self-regulation skills are inculcated in children

When children engage and play in activities with other kids in preschool, conflict is common. It brings anger, frustration as well as other emotional challenges. These inevitably create "teachable moments."

Trained teachers know how to encourage children to understand their behavior impacts on others. Children are taught about interpersonal skills for problem-solving. Children who passed out of preschool have the emotional skills to carry with them throughout their lives.

Preschool boosts the pre-literacy skills in children

Numerous activities and games are arranged in preschools by trained teachers that assist children to develop pre-literacy skills. Kids learn rhymes, sing the alphabet songs that help them to understand the differences between the varying sounds, play using alphabet letters, and listen to stories.

Preschool develops the real foundation for mathematics

Preschools in Ahmedabad do not include math in their syllabus before they think children are ready to absorb it. But they really start with the foundation for future achievements through guided play and fun activities. Often children are asked to play counting games, sorting, matching, and other board games that help them develop a strong understanding of categories and numbers.

The best preschool in Ahmedabad

The Global Indian International School offers high-quality preschool, followed by early learning sessions for children aging between 1 to 5 years. The students at GIIS learned through cooperative and imaginative ways, including art projects, outdoor activities, and hands-on experience on science projects. Independence and social skills are also stressed upon.