Mindlessness inside the acim authors means greater than to not get to focus on. Because we're selecting constantly, being mindless states yes when using the miscreations inside the ego thought system to pay attention to the forecasted forms around the globe as reality rather inside the mind since the cause. It's avoidance of acknowledging the choice we are really making which needs to be to deny Love, God and Truth by pretending we don't observe we are selecting, or that we are unable to pick differently (helpless).

ACIM is all about content, or even your mind, you utilize for that cause and cause is exactly what you are selecting, or tallying with, inside the mind. The factor may be the related effect if you achieve this. Forms will be the behaviors and things forecasted all over the world as miscreations created using the ego, i.e., they are just judgments from tallying when using the ego mind as cause.

Forms are mindlessness which leads to helplessness. Natural progression likes forecasted passive-aggressive behaviors to deal with situations.

The word mindless is, "Acting or stored from justification or concern for that effects." Basically, you're feeling you don't have any idea work there is no choice.

Let's be apparent: It's tallying when using the ego that you are a helpless victim of forms (link between the ego) and there's nothing that can be done but modify behaviors. You are selecting both "right" and "wrong" ego mind perception that's tallying with error and making use of error to fix error.

The word 'helpless' is, "Unable to guard yourself or act without help," and in addition it plays out similar to this:

Help: Mindlessness is selecting (tallying to) the ego's help when you consider forms rather of content. You're vulnerable to ego conditions, must choose incorporated during this for encounters, and uncover absolutely no way out (helpless).

Defense: In the event you try to solve form problems within form, rather of offering all of them up for correction inside the mind, really the only ego option is attack. All attack will defend (safeguard) the ego's errors, i.e., accept them by joining them that's projection.