Titanium products and all kinds of titanium items are used in thousands of ways, in all sorts of industries. The metal is widely used because it is so strong, robust and non-corrosive.

Titanium is a transitional metal, which refers to the family of metals it belongs to within the Periodic Table of Elements. Its silver also makes it a very popular metal for use within the automotive industry for alloys and other decorative, but functional parts of cars, bikes and other vehicles. Enthusiasts all over the world aspire to beautifully made, shiny silver alloys and Titanium finishes for their vehicles.

Titanium is used in order to take full advantage of its incredible strength and its ability to withstand the harshest of environments because it is so non-corrosive. Within the engineering, medical and aeronautics industries it is the first choice for precision tools, instruments, machine parts and manufacturing processes. It is also used widely within the building and manufacturing industries, for drilling, mining, under the sea, in the air, and in space!

Titanium Tube

For over a century, this super strong metal has been increasingly used by the medical profession and within science. There is no better substitute for fashioning precision instruments and tools. And because it is so strong, the instruments stay precise and sharp, allowing scientists and medical practitioners to perform their operations and experiments perfectly.

It is also used as a bone replacement material for hips and joint replacements. And the metal pins doctors use to strengthen fractures and shattered bones, are made from Titanium. This is the metal of choice because it is much less likely to be rejected by the body, and therefore remain in place while the bones heal. Prosthetic bone replacement is advancing all the time, but Titanium continues to be a favourite material to use.

It is a light weight metal which gives it a high strength to weight ratio meaning that only a small amount is needed to give real strength to a machine, or part. But it is flexible too and this is also why it is popular as a choice for prosthetic bones, and for medical and surgical procedures.

Titanium Sheet

Titanium can be fashioned into any shape that is required, so it can be used wherever a strong metal is required. Titanium plates, pipes, engine parts, bone replacements, boat, aircraft and spacecraft parts, machinery of all kinds, car and vehicle parts etc. There are literally thousands of uses for this super metal, and as technology, engineering and science continue to advance, there are sure to be more uses found for it.

Titanium tends to only be used for specialist purposes and for very specific tasks where strength and a non-corrosive material are essential. This is because it is an expensive metal, and because specialists are needed to manufacture the parts and supply it in the correct form for its intended use.

Titanium experts will have a wealth of experience working with this metal. They will know how it should be used to get the best performance from it, and they will fully understand how to create the perfect parts, tools and instruments that any customer might require.