Mycology laminar flow hoods are air filtering devices used in growing better yields of mushrooms. These laminar flow hoods provide a straight, steady and highly filtered clean stream of air to support mushroom growth. These flow hoods are becoming popular in mushroom cultivation and other industries and laboratories. Laminar flow hoods have a tight seal connection with the flat lab bench to prevent contaminants from entering the clean room.

Structure of Mycology Laminar Flow Hood

These flow hoods are designed to meet different requirements of laboratories and industries. A flow hood is a device that creates a laminar flow of air. The base of this hood is built with translucent polycarbonate material to allow light to penetrate inside. There are different working components of a laminar flow hood. Take a look at different parts of a Flow Hood Mycology by Earth's Tongue.

Air Intake-

The incoming air will first go to the pre-filter and then be fed into the main filter. This is the place from which air enters the flow hood.

  1. Laminar Flow

The free air stream flows through the HEPA filter and out of the device through an exhaust fan. All other components (substrates, workstations, etc.) are placed within this stream of clean air. Flow Hood Mycology provides a laminar flow for better mushroom growth.

  1. HEPA Filter

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is the most efficient air filter available on the market. These devices utilize these filters to remove bacteria, particulates and airborne debris, which is very important in mushroom cultivation.

  1. Exhaust Fan

The devices have an exhaust fan that pushes out the contaminated air through a hose or ductwork away from the workstation and out of the building.

  1. Workstation

The workstations contain a variety of tools and materials used during mushroom cultivation, such as lighting, ventilators, nutrients, etc. The workstation must have appropriate space for mushroom growth for those who want to grow mushrooms.

All these components work together to provide a stream of HEPA-filtered air into the workstation. Different laminar flow hoods are available in the market based on the size and flow type.

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