The key to creating content that sells products and services

Your prospect has clearly defined their problem and is comparing the different solutions
A large part of the preparatory work is done at this point in the customer journey: your potential customer is convinced that they need your solution (= your product or service). Now all you have to do is convince him that your solution is the best .

The comparison phase now begins for those who are interested . He wants to know exactly which possible product is most suitable for him. What he now needs from you are decision -making aids . Help them by creating content that helps them compare. What is the content of the different solutions? Are there alternatives, and if so, which ones? Why should I choose this offer?

Ideal content at this point:

Recommendations (Best...)
Comparison (pros and cons)
1. Your prospect is convinced of your solution, but another problem keeps him from actually buying
In addition to the purely content-related decision, your potential customer may also have to overcome other hurdles. This means that the decision is not only made in terms of content. Because even if an interested party may be convinced of the content of a product, they may not be convinced that "they are really doing the right thing with it". Here, too, you can make the decision easier for your prospect. Show him (if possible using examples from existing customers) what results are possible. How your product or service positively changes their lives. In short: awaken the desire in him.

Ideal content at this point:

Result (What does it cost, what does it bring?)
2. Your prospect has found a suitable solution and wants to buy from you
Made! Your prospect is convinced that your offer is the most suitable for them and has decided to buy. In theory, you could sit back and relax now, because your work seems done.

But you don't just want to win one-time customers , you want enthusiastic fans who will rave about you and your offer in the future. You should lay the foundation for this in this phase.

So make it easy for your potential customers to buy from you. Comprehensive information is just as helpful as a pleasant sales process and the reference to any sales campaigns that cannot be overlooked.

Ideal content at this point:

Result (What does it cost, what does it bring?)
The 6 perfect content formats along the customer journey
Now that we have dealt with the individual phases of the customer journey from start to purchase, I would like to introduce you to the six content formats mentioned.
A new prospect usually does not immediately decide to buy from you. But only when he has built up enough trust in your expertise and offers and has the feeling that you absolutely need exactly what you offer.

If you accompany your potential customer along the entire customer journey and always provide them with the right information at the right time , you will succeed in exactly this feat.

In this article, I introduced you to the usual customer journey in inbound marketing. For each step, I have defined which questions your prospect is currently asking and which content format best answers them.

Now, if you make sure you have all of these formats on your content hub, you can be sure to answer any questions your potential customers may have to their satisfaction. This is how you win new prospects and accompany them optimally on their way from the first contact to the purchase.