The recent announcement by the energy minister of Maharashtra, Nitin Raut, focuses more on renewable sources of energy. The state is set to “go green” by generating 17,385MW from solar projects in the next five years.

Earlier, It was estimated that Maharashtra could generate 25,000 MW from solar projects but with this announcement coming from the energy minister, the energy department has developed a new ambitious renewable energy policy (REP) to generate 17,385MW from solar projects in the next five years.

The renewable energy policy will attract Rs 75,000 crore investment in the energy sector and other related businesses.

Also, Maharashtra electricity regulatory commission has set an ambitious target for the state to meet 25% of its demands from renewable sources over the next five years.

Based on these recent developments in Maharashtra, now is the right time to go solar and contribute our part towards a sustainable environment. Solar systems can be a great addition to offices or industrial plants as it helps in cutting down electricity bills by 80% which leads to higher savings.

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CAPEX - Pay the Capital Cost of Solar System Upfront

The term CAPEX means Capital Expenditure. In this financing method, you will pay the entire cost of the solar system upfront. This is the best deal for your business as this method is interest-free. It turns out to be the most profitable financing solution. The Levelized cost of electricity and the cost of the solar system is the lowest in this model giving you the best ROI.

MYSUN DPA - Defer the Cost of Solar in Easy Instalments

In this financing method, you can own the entire solar system by paying a 25 to 30 % down payment and paying the rest over 3 to 5 years based on the financing plan you choose. This enables you to enjoy the benefits of solar with reduced electricity expenditure and accelerated depreciation. In the DPA model, MYSUN has designed the plan in such a way that the amount saved monthly on the electricity bill is greater than the installments.

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) - Pay Nothing for the Solar System)

In this model, you don’t have to pay any upfront cost for the solar system. You will have to sign an agreement called Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) with your solar installer or the third party company to buy the electricity generated from the solar system. The agreement fixes a tariff for the next 15 to 25 years.

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