Gmail is the most popular platform where you can exchange emails and communicate with all sorts of people. Whether you are simply communicating with your friends or handling important discussions with your firm or employees. Gmail has many tools and services that come in handy and offer additional benefits to users. There are so many tools and services that Gmail users can often get confused and may not even be able to access the settings or tool that they are willing to use. Personal Indicators on Gmail is one such tool. Most people don’t know about the tool or how to access it. When enabled, the feature displays a single arrow next to messages sent to you and a group of people, and a double arrow next to messages sent to you alone.

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Follow the informative step-by-step guide below in case you have been trying to access the personal level indicators function on Gmail. The steps below will assist you in enabling or disabling the personal level indicators whenever you require the setting to change.

Steps  to enable personal level indicators on Gmail account

  1. On your Gmail account opened on PC, select Settings.
  2. Choose See all settings from the menu.
  3. Here, scroll down on the General tab.
  4. You will have to locate the Personal Indicator under this section.
  5. Once you have located the setting, hover mouse to the right side and see the options.
  6. You can click on the circle beside “Show indicators” in order to enable the Personal indicators feature.
  7. Once done, make sure to save changes by going down to the bottom of settings.

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