It can be difficult for some people to pay the large lump sum necessary to buy an Apple Mac. It might still be useful for school or work, improve earning potential, help users grow their businesses, or just be a great tool. These are the cases where financing is a viable option. Then, they can pay off the remaining balance over a set amount of time. There are many options when it comes to financing an Apple Mac. We will examine whether financing the purchase of an Apple Mac is better than putting down cash up front.

0% Financing

There are many factors that you should consider when researching financing. The most important factor is interest. Apple capitalizes on consumers' increased spending over the December-January period and offers 0% financing. This is to encourage consumers to take advantage of the low interest rate and ability to offset the cost over a period of time. 0% financing is a clear choice because the customer only pays for what they get. Many financing agreements require that the customer pays the full amount upfront. However, there are some limitations to this. If the buyer is still paying for the purchase after ten months (which could be due to dozens of valid reasons), then the interest rate will be adjusted to reflect this item's price will rise as the buyer's ability to pay increases. Other Apple MacBook finance in UK options can vary from 12 to 36 month. Rates of interest and APR may differ, obviously beyond the 0%. Apple provides a ‘Finance Calculator' online that allows potential customers to determine what they might pay.

Finance approval required

Finance sounds like the perfect solution for consumers who don't have the cash to purchase a home, but it must be checked into the financial history of the applicants.

This could prove to be problematic for some. According to the user agreement, Apple UK requires that consumers make a qualifying purchase as well as obtain financing approval. GEEX must conduct a background check to ensure that the buyer is able to pay the required payments. The finance company might reject a user who has defaulted, owed money, or has a chequered financial record. Some people find themselves in a Catch-22 situation. They cannot afford an Apple Mac, but they are unable to get financing because of their financial history.

Refurbished and Used Products

Potential customers who are looking to combine a low price and a great finance rate on a refurbished Mac may be disappointed. The terms and conditions for the 0% financing deal clearly state that the rate does not apply to the purchase of used or refurbished items. This can be a problem for some as refurbished stock may have a lower price than new stock.

Computer World is moving fast

Finance may not be the best option for those who want to buy a Mac for design or professional use but not for a business.


Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, as everyone knows. Each year, the drives grow larger and computers become faster. The gap between growths is shrinking. A consumer who pays for a computer through finance for more than a year could end up with a computer that is out of date in their field. Additionally, the hardware may have lost its value by this point and they will need to start over. This is true even if a Mac was purchased outright. However, the remuneration that they can receive from selling it will be higher than if it were long-term financed. Financing is good for those who can get an interest rate close to 0%. Higher interest rates may be available for longer-term deals. If you are looking for a powerful tool for design or work, it may be worth considering buying a new model, or a refurbished model, if your budget is tight.

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