The Soprano Titanium Laser machine features an extensive spot area, advanced cooling and high precision. The result is faster and more comfortable treatments for even the most tanned skin.

Soprano Titanium's unique 3D technology combines three of the most powerful laser wavelengths into one application. This technology can target different depths of tissue and the hair's foollicles, increasing treatment effectiveness.

Painless treatment can be provided by continuous contact cooling using ICE Plus technology. The ICE Plus cold Sapphire tip decreases epidermal risk. It also keeps heat in your dermis, which helps to maintain hair follicles. Soprano Titanium offers a comfortable, painless, and cool treatment.

What's Soprano Titanium Ice laser for hair removal?

This is the latest version of the highly-acclaimed Soprano Laser Hair Reduction System. This is the most comprehensive soprano hair removal london.

Alma is the leading global provider of energy-based treatments for aesthetics, surgery, and beauty markets. Alma's revolutionary Soprano Titanium hair-removal platform offers unparalleled comfort and maximum functionality. The 4 cm. The treatment is much more painless and faster thanks to the advanced cooling system and fast applicator. Both patients and doctors will find them to be a more effective choice.

Soprano-titanium is a combination of three wavelengths. This combination offers a better patient experience with a more business-oriented approach. This innovative solution is results-driven and opens up new possibilities for professional hair removal.

Soprano uses Ice Plus for cooling down your skin. The treatment will make you feel relaxed. Ice Plus cold sapphire tips reduce the chance of burning while maintaining heat deep within the hair follicles.

Ice cools quicker than any other form of cooling.

The Ice Plus cooling system by Soprano continuously cools your skin. The treatment will make you feel relaxed. Ice Plus cold sapphire tips reduce the chance of burning while still maintaining heat in the hair follicles.

Soprano Titanium hair removal is painless?

Soprano Titanium uses Alma Laser SHR, the only clinically-proven method for soprano laser hair removal london that is almost painless. This heat-energy delivery method causes hair follicles to be damaged without causing injury to the surrounding tissues. It can be integrated with the ICE Plus technology. Advanced technology allows continuous cooling and temperature control during treatment. The ICE Plus(TM), cold-sapphire tip reduces epidermal risk while maintaining heat in hair follicles’ dermis. The diode is very reliable because it maintains a constant temperature.

The advanced technology ICE Plus continually cools the skin and allows temperature control. The ICE Plus(TM), cold-Saphire tip reduces epidermal risks and keeps heat in dermis to support hair follicles. The diode is reliable because it maintains a constant temperature. Patients can enjoy a cool, comfortable, and painless session with the diode.

Is Soprano Titanium safe on dark skin?

Yes. SHR heats the skin slowly to heat up the heat needed to heat the hair. SHR is safer than traditional methods for those with darker skin. SHR is safe for those with darker skin.

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