Whether you need a fast simulation tool, or a deeper understanding of product behavior, Ansys Discovery is the tool for you. Its advanced simulation technology is a step above traditional simulation tools. If you are planning to use it for the first time, this article will introduce the key features of Ansys Discovery and how to start a free trial. To learn more, read on. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of it.

ANSYS SpaceClaim technology
ANSYS SpaceClaim technology for the ANSYS Discovery design software comes with a number of enhancements that can accelerate your reverse engineering process and make concept modeling easier. This powerful technology improves navigation through assemblies, constructs blended features quickly, and speeds up reverse engineering workflow. It supports a variety of 3D applications, including space, automotive, and more. The following table details the features available in the new version.

ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim is an easy-to-use platform that offers effective solutions to common 3D CAD modeling tasks. It is easy to create, edit, and repair any geometry. It is also highly cost-effective, costing only a fraction of the price of traditional parametric CAD modeling packages. The software integrates CAD files and helps users collaborate on concepts and ideas. The flexible platform also allows users to quickly share concepts with others.

ANSYS Live Simulation
ANSYS Live Simulation with Ansyms Discovery allows you to experiment with geometry, material, and use conditions to determine what is the most appropriate solution for your product. The new version of the software also features enhanced performance and dynamic collaboration. You can now simulate in multiple domains at the same time, resulting in more insight and greater reliability. Ansys Discovery also has a new user interface and features such as an integrated contact review tool, automated intelligent meshing, and interactive tutorials.

In addition to the enhanced connection between Discovery and key Ansys technologies, this product also allows users to perform basic fluid and structural simulations. The resulting simulations can be refined with additional features in Ansys Fluent or Mechanical. The simulation setup is transferred as well, including geometry, materials, boundary conditions, meshing, and solution controls. This allows you to use the software in multiple domains and save your time and effort.

ANSYS Discovery Online Cloud-based trial
If you're looking for an alternative to the commercial software you've already purchased, you can get an ANSYS Discovery Online Cloud-based trial. ANSYS Discovery is a simulation software that uses a CPU solver. For speedy simulations, you can add a HPC add-on license package to the software. Additionally, it has fluids, thermal, and modal capabilities. While this software has a lot to offer, it's also user-friendly and accessible.

The ANSYS Discovery software is a simulation-driven design tool that combines high-fidelity simulation with interactive geometry modeling to answer critical design questions earlier in the design process. Its streamlined workflows and interactive simulation capabilities make it ideal for every analyst. It also connects to the Ansys Workbench for seamless design flow. ANSYS Discovery is the perfect complement to Ansys' existing product portfolio, and it supports high-fidelity physics.

Performance requirements
For a smooth experience in Ansys Discovery , you need a GPU with sufficient bandwidth. In addition to a dedicated GPU, your machine should have enough RAM to support its Live Simulation technology. Specifically, you need a minimum of 4GB video RAM to run Discovery at its maximum potential. The remaining requirements are similar to those of other Ansys applications. These requirements vary depending on your machine configuration and the specific hardware components you are using.

The new software includes enhanced connectivity to key Ansys technologies. For example, you can run basic fluid or structural simulations directly in Discovery, and refine them in Ansys Mechanical or Fluent. The geometry, materials, boundary conditions, meshing, and solution controls will be carried over. In addition, you can perform complex physics simulations using the tools in these software applications. You can save significant time and money by reducing engineering costs and enabling more evaluations and designs.