Ansys Discovery is a powerful 3D product simulation platform based on NVIDIA's latest computer graphics technology, Ampere. This software offers real-time engineering feedback, multiple physics, and interactive design exploration. Here are some of the features of Ansys Discovery that make it a perfect fit for engineers. These features make the Ansys Discovery a powerful tool for rapid product innovation. But, is Ansys Discovery the right tool for your engineering and design processes?

Ansys Discovery is a 3D product simulation platform
Ansys Discovery is a comprehensive, scalable 3D product simulation platform that brings together instant physics simulation, high-fidelity modeling, and interactive geometry editing to give designers and engineers the ability to explore multiple design concepts in real time. This software allows users to address key design questions sooner rather than later, and it leverages the capabilities of exaSim, the company that recently acquired 3DSIM. Its simulation capabilities help engineers and designers evaluate broad product behaviors and optimize designs for manufacturing constraints.

Ansys Discovery helps engineers answer critical design questions early in the development process. It cuts down on engineering change orders and physical prototyping costs, and maximises design focus. The intuitive user interface enables engineers to prepare models for simulation easily, explore multiple design concepts, and refine their designs. Unlike traditional prototyping methods, this software allows users to make decisions about product performance and cost-effectiveness much earlier in the development cycle.

It is built on top of the SpaceClaim platform
Ansys Discovery is a direct modelling software based on the SpaceClaim platform. The program allows users to edit and import Geomagic data and is based on the open-source SpaceClaim platform. It also supports both direct modelling and import of geometry from other software, such as SketchUp. The tool is also capable of merging scanned parts with precise CAD geometry.

In addition to native CAD data, SpaceClaim is also capable of creating models from scratch and assisting with simulation preparation. The company offers free software to all customers. It has also announced a new data management solution based on SharePoint, which offers basic workgroup document management as well as support drawings. The software also offers 3D markup capabilities in SharePoint. Ansys uses SpaceClaim with Gamma Technologies, which provides optimisation tools and simulation.

It offers real-time engineering feedback
The new ANSYS Discovery suite makes use of the powerful computing power of NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) and parallel GPU programming tools to deliver near real-time engineering feedback. It takes seconds to view results, and changes to physics and design can be made immediately to see if any modifications are needed. In just a few minutes, engineers can explore countless design possibilities with real-time feedback on structural, fluid, and thermal performance.

The ANSYS Discovery Live solver delivers real-time engineering feedback on your design decisions. This innovative simulation tool performs thermal, modal, and structural analyses of your 3D CAD designs in a matter of seconds. With this new solution, you can quickly see how your changes affect the design, making it possible to improve it without delaying the entire process. With the advanced features of this solution, you can speed up your design process and innovate in the field faster than ever.

It supports different physics
Ansys Discovery supports various physics for structural, fluid and thermal simulation. Its multi-physics capabilities allow users to examine various design alternatives in real time. With the newest version of the program, engineers can now run simulations for more complex physical behaviors. Ansys Discovery is equipped with the latest technologies and offers new capabilities, such as a completely redesigned user interface and enhanced contact review tool. The program also has new features, such as automatic intelligent meshing and contextual help for each tool.

Ansys Discovery supports complex assemblies, which is useful if you need to simulate a series of different parts. To ensure that the simulation is as accurate as possible, only apply physics to the parts that need to interact with one another. The software also allows users to define proper contact conditions between components, which is easy to do but critical for efficiency. Topology optimisation is another feature that enables users to make their designs more efficient and to save mass and stiffness. Users can also optimise the natural frequency to reduce mass and stiffness.

It has parametric sweeps
To run parametric sweeps in Ansys Discovery, you can specify a number of parameters and then select a group. You can also use the Specified combinations or All combinations types. The Parameter switch sweep type allows you to run a parametric sweep over selected parameter groups or parameter cases. Parameter values should be of equal length and must be in the same unit. Use the Range button to define the range of parameters.

Ansys Discovery uses the Ansys Mechanical CPU solver to run simulations. This software is compatible with Ansys Cloud and offers fluids, thermal analysis, and modal capabilities. It is a robust and flexible parametric analysis tool. You can choose the level of simulation speed that meets your needs. You can also choose from on-premises or cloud-based high-performance computing.

It supports direct modeling
The ANSYS Discovery family of products is designed to give engineers a powerful tool for exploring design potential and quickly creating a prototype. Like the other products in the family, it features direct modeling and simulation capabilities, enabling engineers to interact with their designs and discover new opportunities. For example, users can manipulate geometry and see results in real-time, enabling them to deliver more innovative products to market faster. This new software also includes NVIDIA's newest breakthrough in computer graphics, Ampere, which enables real-time collaboration with the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

Ansys Discovery Tutorials  enables users to make direct and bonded contact models. The 'Explore' step lets users refine and test their models in a variety of ways. Users can modify up to 30 default bonded contact pairs by double-clicking them. They can further refine their models using the 'Refine' tool. A few other features of the Discovery system include interactive experimentation and a powerful mesh editor.