Genshin Impact, a Gacha RPG that has been wildly successful, is still in operation. So when did Genshin Impact come out? Genshin Impact was released as a free-to play game by HoYoverse. It quickly gained a cult status among its fans. Continue reading for more details about Genshin Impact’s original release and future console releases.

Genshin Impact launched on mobile, PC, and PS4 in September 2020. This was a perfect time for anyone who wants to get rid of the COVID-19 blues or lockdown boredom. HoYoverse had access to a closed beta that was available to select individuals who promoted the game and raised hype within the HoYoverse.

The game has been constantly updating since its launch with new areas, challenges, weapons and events. This keeps fans hooked and provides a steady stream of content. On launch, the only areas that were playable were Mondstadt and Liyue. Genshin Impact players will never be bored with Inazuma or the Sumeru future update. Genshin Impact will soon be available on Nintendo Switch.