Deba knives Sydney are basic knives used in Japanese cuisine together with the Usuba, Yanagiba or Nakiri. The Deba kitchen knife is a pointed blade kitchen knife used mainly for cutting fish and for cutting poultry and meat. It is excellent for doing heavy tasks but Deba kitchen knives shouldn’t be used for cutting thick bones.


Deba kitchen knives are ideal for working with whole pieces of birds or fish since the design of the knife allows for making precise and deep cuts, controlling the pressure exerted on the blade. Deba kitchen knives fulfil their function of making strong cuts by having a sturdier and wider spine, where the auxiliary hand can apply more force. The Deba knife has an edge that is prepared to cut bones of small bits or fish and cut thorns. The blade has a special shape that allows you to use every part for a specific purpose. It can be used for slicing, cutting small bones, and so on.

The Deba knife has a wide blade at the heel with a pointed tip and the knife needs to be heavy. It should have a well-balanced blade with a handle both in length and weight. The alignment of the knife with the handle and the width of the blade makes the knife very comfortable to use. This gives the fingers enough freedom and avoids contact with the board.

Types of Deba kitchen knives

You can get Deba kitchen knives with blades of 21, 15 and 10 cm for domestic use. However, professionals use Deba Japanese knives of 24 cm or even larger sizes. There is a wide range of Deba kitchen knives online.

Maintenance and care

After using a Deba kitchen knife, it is important to wash the knife with water and soap and dry your knife well. It is recommended to wash the knife by hand once you have completed your work. You should store the knives in an open wooden block or a detachable wooden block, in a magnetic bar or in a safe case protected from elements that could damage the blade. It is recommended to sharpen the Deba kitchen knife using a whetstone to keep your knife in the best condition.

Sharpening a Deba kitchen knife

It is important to know how to sharpen your knife effectively. You should start by sharpening the tip of the knife. And sharpen the entire cutting edge from the tip to the heel of the blade. Get rid of the burr.

Sharpening the tip of your knife

You should first sharpen the tip of your knife. Even if the part is aligned with the knife’s shinogi line then the blade doesn’t come in contact with the whetstone.

Sharpening the tip

When it comes to sharpening the tip of your Deba knives Sydney, you should ensure that the tip is aligned with the shinogi and you can prove this if the blade doesn’t come in contact with your whetstone. Therefore, you should slightly raise your right hand. This will be easier if you raise it from your elbow and not your wrist.