Birthdays are a very special occasion and especially if it’s a kid’s birthday. Kids are over the moon when it’s their birthday and the most important part of the celebration has to be the birthday cake. Kids like their cakes to be special and are disappointed if it is not up to the mark.


You could easily place an order for a birthday cake for the kid from an online cake shop, there are plenty of cake shops that provide their services online. With a wide range of options available, it is very obvious for one to get confused. To make it easy, here are some of the popular cartoon cake designs that you can choose for a birthday celebration:

  • Minion Theme cake

You could order a minion theme cake when you plan to have a birthday cake for the kid if you are planning a theme party for your child. There are various minion-theme cakes available in cake shops for both boys and girls. The details of the cake should be provided and the necessary changes should be told beforehand while placing your order. Some cake shops also allow you to give in your ideas while placing the order of your minion theme cake.


  • Tom and Jerry 3D Cake

No matter how many cartoon characters come and go, Tom and Jerry are truly irreplaceable. Every child adores this cartoon way too much and what better way to have this as a birthday cake? A Tom and Jerry designer 3D cake has to be one of the best options to choose from while ordering a cake for your kid’s birthday. This cake is generally a bit more different than the normal cakes but it is worth your money! Cake shops also allow you to choose the flavour while ordering these cakes.


  • Mickey Mouse Photo cake

You could place an order for a Mickey Mouse photo cake as a birthday cake for the kid. You get to have Mickey Mouse on the cake. This would make the cake and the occasion special for them. These cakes are trending a lot on social media and are in demand. You can find this cake in various cake shops. You could submit the photo on the website of the cake shop or physically visit the cake shop to give the photo.


  • Doraemon Cake

The Doraemon birthday cake is the ideal cake to celebrate a birthday occasion. Every child loves Doraemon and his gadgets. Cake shops even allow you to customize the cake which means that you can add other elements of this wonderful cartoon character and see how your child blooms with joy.


  • Barbie Cake

If your kid is a girl, Barbie Doll is something that you will find her playing with most of the time. And what better way to present her favourite thing as a birthday cake. The birthday cake is designed in the form of a Barbie Doll, which is not only elegant, and grand, but would make them feel like a princess.

So, these were some of the popular cartoon cake designs that you can choose for a birthday celebration.


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