Looking for an exciting and adventurous New York City but short on time and money? No worries. New York is filled with hundreds of free activities and beautiful scenery. This is a great value way to visit New York in 2 days.

How to Stay in New York for Cheap

There is so much to see in New York, so save your money for great restaurants and activities. To make your visit to New York as cheap as possible, people flock to home swaps to save money on accommodation. With Click2bookus, you register with a network of fellow travelers (such as Click2bookus) who wish to offer travelers their home as accommodation in their desired destination.

2 Days in New York for Cheap

Instead of a long vacation, why not plan a weekend getaway? You may not be able to climb the Himalayas or hike the Amazon forest, but America has a lot to see and do. Two days in New York may not seem like much, but you can see many famous sights in a short amount of time.

New York City is known for its 1,900  parks filled with rich history and beautiful scenery. Stroll through Central Park to discover the zoo or explore the sprawling 9.6-acre  Bryant Park. Need to brush up on your dancing skills? Be sure to visit Washington Square for free Argentine tango and ballroom dancing classes. His two days in New York barely scratch the surface of what to see and do, but with cheap travel and  Click2bookus, you can visit again and again.

Take in the Sights

New York is full of attractions and activities. Soak up the grandeur of Grand Central Terminal and its 102nd anniversary. Stop by legendary Times Square, stroll Wall Street, see Chinatown and try the famous New York pizza. You can even explore his numerous art galleries and marvel at their beauty without breaking the bank. Once you make your decision, you will wonder why you waited so long to visit New York.

No trip to New York would be complete without seeing a live show. Whether you're a Broadway fan or just want to see live  TV shows, New York is the place for you. Many of the hottest talks show screen movies in front of live studio audiences and require people to fill their seats. Check out this guide and get involved. Note: Movies appear on a  different schedule and may not always be available. If you prefer theater, you can see some of what the city has to offer through ticket lottery systems and discount services such as Tkts.

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Visit New York for Less

For short vacations and weekend trips, hotel costs can easily make up a third of your vacation bill. Just book a trip to new york city with click2book and enjoy your vacation.

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