Updating your window curtain is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to improve your room's aesthetic. With the right window curtain in place, you can turn your dull room into an elegant one. However, with many window curtains colors, it can be different for anyone to choose the color of the curtains that improve room aesthetic.

The color you choose for your custom made window curtains in Santa Monica will change the whole vibe of your space. For instance, warm colors like gold, red, and orange tend to feel more inviting. However, cool colors like blue, green, and white tend to feel more relaxing. Colors like black and gray give a refreshing feel to your space.

Following are the key approaches to choosing curtain colors;

  • Monochromatic- This approach emphasizes one palette of color, like different shades of one color, green. Use this approach to complement the curtain with the color of other items in your room, including furniture, bedspreads, etc. In fact, the wall color also complements the color of the curtain.

  • Neutral- Gray, black, taupe, beige, and ivory are some neutral colors. Pick curtain colors a little lighter or darker to prevent them from blending with the walls. For instance, if you choose a white color curtain, ensure the wall is darker in color

  • Accents- It helps to make colors pop against a natural base. If the room furniture has a neutral color, choose custom-made window curtains Santa Monica with a contrasting color. You can also add throw pillows or rugs that complement the curtain color.

  • Complementary- This approach focuses on choosing opposite colors according to the wheel of colors. For instance, ensure the wall and furniture color is the same, while curtains and throw pillows have the same color. These are known as complementary color pairings.

  • Analogous- Almost the same sorts of colors are picked to work together well and give a rich look. You will find that the color of the pillow, bedspread, night lamp, wall, and curtains remain the same. Therefore, to create a more dramatic setting, use an analogous approach while selecting the color for your window curtain.

The final words

A lot goes into choosing the color for the curtains. We suggest you get in touch with window treatment experts who have vast knowledge regarding the color wheel and hands-on experience in selecting and installing window treatments. Whether it is custom window curtains, custom draperies, or any other window treatments in Santa Monica, the window treatment experts offer you with the proper guidance.