If there is an entourage of caretakers - drivers, nurses, gardeners, bodyguards and other domestic helps - you’ve made it! You are finally living your plush life, replete, with riches you have earned over the years, and an army of staff to safeguard and, protect it from negative elements! No one ever comes this far to let anyone walk, away with all their hard-earned possessions, do they? 


The fact of the matter is “It doesn’t only happen in the movies” - where a trusted, baai breaks into a fourth-floor apartment, slipping past the building guard who, was asleep, climbing through the window, dodging workers on corridors and, stealing goods worth lakhs of rupees from the home of the grandmother she was, hired to care for in the absence of her grandson. 


One such high-profile incident that caught all our attention in recent times, was the act of stealing cash and jewelry worth Rs 2.4 crores from the bungalow of a popular, Bollywood actor. Turned out that the nurse and her husband were behind the, crime. Infact, there have been many accounts in which the rich and famous have all fallen into. the vicious traps of their most reliable domestic helpers.


This only goes on to prove that despite the police, security and bodyguards being in overdrive, nothing and no one really is secure, unless one takes necessary precautions. 


 The Most Reliable Background Check. 


If you have an extremely lavish lifestyle, chances are that your time is split between people, routines, priorities and events. If you have an even busier work life, you may be someone. who is traveling a lot and spending very little time at home. It is then when you may deem it mandatory to appoint someone. to take care of your home and its belongings; maybe someone who could become part of your family in the long run. 


But before you could give them that kind of a mind space, it is wise to agree upon the thought that a thorough nanny background check of the person concerned is vital to ensure, that your home and its assets are indeed in safe and clean hands, especially in your absence. Nonetheless, all members of your family including the women, children and aging parents feel safe in their presence.


A quick internet search might help get the ball rolling on your screening process, but only a thorough background check - covering aspects like the candidate’s identity, criminal  background and inclination - may seal the deal and save you and your loved ones from potential tragedies. 

High net worth individuals have to deal with high risks, but thanks to reliable and accurate screening platforms, they can now have authentic details and insights. about a person’s identity and criminal background through advanced Artificial. Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies. 


Now, be rest assured that only those with the purest intentions in their hearts will. gain access into your inner circle and the home of your dreams! 


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