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How To Frame A CDR For Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO: 233612) As Per MSA Guidelines?

Structuring a high-quality CDR for Petroleum Engineers is one of the challenging tasks as it takes great effort, sufficient research, and knowledge of the writing procedure and guidelines. Petroleum engineers lodge a CDR application to get engineering job opportunities in foreign companies as they get better compensation and working environment compared to other countries. To frame a compelling CDR, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Most importantly, you need to be aware of the guideline and procedures published by EA to write a CDR; so, read the MSA booklet thoroughly.
  • Provide all relevant CPD in a list containing title, date, duration, venue, and organizer.
  • Write three career episodes and each should focus on your different aspects of engineering activities.
  • You should write your episode's narrative in your own words and in the English language.
  • You must provide documentary evidence of employment if you base your episode on your engineering work experience.
  • You do not need to copy others' information as EA strictly prohibits plagiarism.
  • Make sure that you have met all the requirements in the respective field to get assessed positively.

How Does CDR Australia Assist You In Preparing Your CDR For Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO: 233612)?

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