It’s abundantly clear that almost every construction firm has a significant amount of money to be saved by adopting construction data management tools. Here’s a practical guide at to getting started.

Get a Realistic Assessment 

Use the table we outlined in section III to get an estimate of how much money the average firm of your size is losing to this problem. Use your knowledge of your company’s best practices to get an idea of whether you’re going to be significantly over or under the national average.

Take This Number to the People Who Matter

Bring this problem to light and start a discussion with your team about why it matters. Get people fired up about how easy of a way this is to save significant amounts of cash.

Weigh Your Options

The construction data management industry is still relatively new to construction, and the options are somewhat slim. Unearth is one of the first players focused entirely on organizing your construction data and improving your construction data management workflows. Search around for some other options and then compare your top choices.

Construction Data Management Software

Part of the job of everyone in the construction data management space is to do most of the heavy lifting for their customers. Everyone you talk to should be able to roll out a detailed program for you that will help you get your team up and running as soon as possible with minimal effort.

Get Moving on a Pilot Program

Once you’ve heard from all the companies you’re considering, get started on a pilot program. This is a short-term subscription at a discounted cost that should help you become familiar with the software and make sure everything is working as expected. At the end of this term, you should have the option to continue or terminate your subscription with no penalties.

Be Ready to Keep Pushing Forward

Remain committed and focus on expanding your capabilities, because the benefits of digital innovation increase exponentially with scale. Getting one project in order will show you a small ROI. Getting your entire company on board will revolutionize your business.