PCOS is an endocrine disorder that affects up to 10% of all women in varying intensity. Most women don't even feel that they are suffering from PCOS and the women who realize it hesitate to disclose it in shame and silence. Women with PCOS should know about its potential health risks in the long run. They may face an increased risk of developing uterine cancer and diabetes. PCOS is also associated with heart disease, abnormal lipid profiles, and hypertension.


The relationship between PCOS and infertility is strong and hasn’t been properly described yet. But they have close links. A menstruating woman needs to understand her PCOS symptoms and receive timely diagnosis and treatment if she actually suffers from PCOS. Women who are affected by PCOS may face symptoms such as - acne, excessive hair growth; irregular periods, infertility, weight gain, depression, anxiety, etc. If such complications arise, you need to consult the best PCOS Doctor in Kolkata for homeopathy. 


What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder found in women during the peak of their reproductive age. Women affected by PCOS may go through irregular or prolonged periods or may have the secretion of excessive male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries can develop many small clusters of fluid (follicles) and do not release eggs regularly. Though the exact cause of PCOS is yet to be known, timely diagnosis and treatment along with weightless can reduce the risk of long-term hazards such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Signs and Symptoms of PCOS

  •         Irregular or unusual periods and even no periods at all
  •         Difficulty in conceiving ( due to failure to ovulate or unusual ovulation)
  •         Excess hair growth occurring in the face, chest, back, buttocks, etc.
  •         Weight gain or obesity
  •         Hair loss or baldness in women
  •         Oily skin, acne or itching
  •         Depression and Anxiety

Causes of PCOS

  •         Heredity or genetic disorder
  •         High-levels of Androgen ( male hormone )
  •         Excess insulin hormone produced in the pancreas
  •         Low-grade inflammation ( associated with WBC production)

Homeopathic Treatment of PCOS

Homeopathy is a complementary form of treatment that is being used effectively for a variety of medical conditions, including PCOS. PCOS can be cured through Homeopathic treatment.  Dr.Saha's multispeciality homeopathy & cosmetology clinic led by renowned Homeopathic specialist Dr.Snigdhodip Saha, considered the best PCOS Doctor in Kolkata offers world-class treatment.  Homeopathic treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome are very safe and have no side effects. When prescribing homeopathic medicines, both the physical and mental conditions of the patient are thoroughly examined. Check out the best PCOS doctor in Kolkata!

Advantages of Homeopathy in Treating PCOS

  •         Homeopathy can correct hormonal imbalance ad it’s the prime cause of PCOS.
  •         It can restore ovulation and regularizes menstruation cycle.
  •         Homeopathy can bring huge relief to the women facing depression, anxiety and mood swings.
  •         Homeopathy medicines can check heavy bleeding or irregular periods arising due to PCOS.
  •         It can manage conditions such as acne, infertility, hair loss, weight gain, etc.