ABR is the best Neuro multi-specialty hospital in Hyderabad, with a professional team of Neurologists. Disorders, Injuries, or Diseases related to the brain, spinal cord, nerves, or any area of the nervous system of infants, adolescents, children, adults, and senior citizens. The team is involved in a collaborative approach for minor to major or complex neurological problems. Our ABR's extensive services are above and beyond the metrics and so it is the Best Neuro Hospitals in Hyderabad. With a hygienic environment, advanced types of equipment, well-maintained infrastructure, diagnosis labs, sanitary facilities, and experienced doctors, we at ABR Hospitals offer truly personalized patient-centric treatment and health care services.

ABR best Neurology Hospital in As Rao Nagar  has the best Neurologists who are well-trained profound experts with a proven record of excellence in their past services which yielded successful outcomes. Neurology is a complex medical study, which needs comprehensive skills to deal with patients' treatments and rehabilitation process. Our certified neurologiost doctors are involved with the highest mode of detailing into the neurological condition of the patient and accordingly perform diagnosis.

We are Mapped at Uppal and AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, consult us, with an easy appointment for any neurological problems.

Why choose us?

The department of  Neurology at ABR Hospital is the Best Neuro Hospitals in Hyderabad, strives the best to bring compassionate and productive care to every patient. WIth a State-of-the-art clinic, we at ABR, offer world-class care. Our physicians are skilled and trained extensively to handle patients' various diagnosed neurology disorders or conditions. In a way to cure you of headaches, chronic diseases, strokes, complex diseases, epilepsy, seizures, migraines, multiple sclerosis, and more, we utilize advanced technology evolutions in the medical sciences for comprehensive health care services

ABR Hospital is the Best Neurology Hospital in As Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, because of the care we take for our patients round the clock, emergency services, constant patient monitoring, early recovery, intensive care unit, hygienic environment, advanced infrastructure to let you experience the right care with successful outcomes. Every patient who visits us gets a comfortable feel, and our physicians communicate directly and help you make it pleasant enough to share all your problems. We save your precious time with our prompt response and efforts.


Why do you see a Neurologist?

Neurology ranges a wide spectrum of disorders and is not limited to one, it might be for many reasons, however, the signs that the neurological system sends are something we should look upon, as some of them might be life-threatening conditions, the earlier you detect the sooner it can get resolved or managed.

The symptoms you must be aware of are:


Pain (back pain or neck pain)

Numbness or burning sensation

Mobility symptoms( unable to walk or do daily activities freely)

Blurred vision and difficulty speaking

Sleeping problems

Fainting, loss of consciousness

Slight memory loss

Vertigo or headache

Not every neurological disease needs surgery, some can be treated with medication. Our expert neurologists at Best Neuro Hospitals in Hyderabad have extensive knowledge of medications and drug therapies. However, the seriousness of the patient's condition must be determined through a precise personal diagnosis. Some of the diagnostic procedures performed by our best neurology surgeons are

Routine Electroencephalography (EEG)

long-term video-EEG monitoring

Polysomnography (PSG)

Nerve conduction studies (NCS)

Electromyography (EMG)


VER & VEP tests

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

NCS(Nerve conduction study)


Our best Neurological Consultants take up the challenge of dealing with minor to major complex neurological disorders. The department of Neurology is committed to providing high-end quality treatment with a collaborative approach if needed. Our Neurological doctors never cease practicing and educating themselves with the advancements in neuroscience. Comforts patients and helps them to face their unhealthy condition with confidence and be ready for further diagnosis and treatment. After the patient analysis, stress tests, or other personality tests and diagnosis, our Neurology doctors provide world-class medication and treatment services. Best Neuro Hospitals in Hyderabad  ABR has the best Neurology department and contributes their par efforts and excellence in offering extensive health care services. ABR Neurology Hospital in As Rao Nagar where our Neurologists treat a wide array of neurological disorders related to the brain, spine, neck, joint, and overall neurological system. When it comes to a neurological disorder that can’t be resolved through mediation, we help those patients with our determined collaborative approach with highly trained neurosurgeons and will find the best possible solution for your condition.


Most commonly heard word, no matter what is going through in our head, we refer to as headache, but this isn't a general problem to ignore or pass by. Chronic headaches or pains are caused by various reasons. Some of the common types of headaches are sinus, tension, cluster, migraine, and hormone. Headaches might be treated with pain relievers given by physicians but if it doesn't let your Situation down, then you must see our expert neurological specialists find out the underlying cause of the problem. Treatment of such chronic headaches is a process, it's not a one-time solution to resolve immediately it needs to be constantly checked and monitored. After a diagnosis of the condition, our neurological doctors help you out with the right care and support in terms of medication, treatment, and lifestyle changes. Our Neurological doctors also deal with post-traumatic headaches, cluster headaches, migraine, and cervicogenic headaches.


Migraine is seen in many individuals, it is quite a common neurological disorder yet has a very complicated impact sometimes. Migraine diagnosed earlier is better to manage easily than those that aren't. There are different stages in migraine based on symptoms.

Prodromal stage - Behavioral changes, down in energy levels, appetite, and pain in the head

Headache stage - Pulsating headache followed by vomiting, different signs and desires, and vulnerable to light and sounds

Resolution stage -A kind of reduction in the frequency of headaches

Postdromal stage - Weakness, exhaustion, frequent urination, less concentration, feeling cold and sweating simultaneously

Our Neurology doctor's treatments for migraine include medication such as analgesic, antipsychotic, stimulant, nerve pain medication, dietary supplements,s and therapies such as progressive muscle relaxation and Acupuncture.

Neck Pain & Back Pain

Neck Pain and back pain conditions we might often experience some time in our lives, if your primary doctor's medication or care doesn’t help and if you see the pain frequently, it's high time you must consult a neurologist to know the cause behind the chronic back, joint and neck pain. As there are various medical conditions that cause such discomforts to vertebrae, joints, knee, neck, and back, they are Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, isthmic spondylolisthesis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Cervical Osteoarthritis, Cervical degenerative disc diseases, cervical herniated disc, cervical foraminal stenosis, and cervical stenosis with myelopathy. At ABR neurology hospitals in as rao nagar, our Neurologists treat such conditions by focussing on every single detail of the diagnosis. Some of the extensive treatments performed at ABR Hospitals for Neck Pain and Back Pain are Physical therapy, Medication (OTC pain relief), Massage therapy, and Acupuncture. Some of the therapeutic injections for acute neck pain are cervical epidural steroid injections, trigger point injections, Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), and Manual Manipulation


Dementia is a kind of neurology condition where there exists a loss of thinking or cognitive functioning of the brain. This situation often leads to memory loss and affects daily activities. Emotional burdens or stress will be uncontrollable for some. Even from the beginning stage, this condition causes severe symptoms, early detection is a must for dementia. However, this neurological condition is seen in most senior citizens of age above 60 to 80. Some of the conditions of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease, mixed dementia, Lewy body dementia, Frontotemporal, and Vascular dementia. Our expert neurologists of ABR hospitals, based on neurological tests, brain scans, psychiatric evaluations, blood tests, and genetic tests, Perform therapies such as rehabilitation, and occupational therapy. Medication such as cognition-enhancing medication.

Epilepsy (FITS):

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder where the nerve cells and their activities get disturbed and cause seizures. This condition may have many causes such as injuries, trauma, strokes, or even genetic disorder. People with epilepsy experience loss of consciousness, behavioural changes, anxiety, depression, fatigue, contractions of muscles, and sensations. Our ABR Neurologists perform comprehensive diagnostic tests and start their way of health care services with medications, dietary changes, and surgeries if required. However there is no cure for epilepsy, or experts manage the damage caused by it to a great extent and help you reduce the symptoms and severity of epilepsy.

Botox Therapy:

Botox Therapy can help halt many neurological disorders such as contractions of muscles, pain, mobility problems, and impairments. Botox injections are protein molecules that are introduced into the muscles to regular the movement, ease the functioning, and relax the muscles. Botox actually prevents acetylcholine from the endings of the axon at the neuromuscular junction, which in turn reduces the chances of Paralysis, chronic migraines, neck spasms, overactive bladder, and hyperhidrosis. Our Neurosurgeons at ABR Hospitals, take the necessary precautions and procedures, before, during, and after the injection. Depending on the problem our experts might ask you for regular injections or continuous sittings

Muscle Disorders:

There exist many neuromuscular disorders, some of them are multiple sclerosis, myopathy, peripheral neuropathy, muscular dystrophy, Charcot-marie-tooth diseases, and many more. Only proper medication and the right kind of therapies can get you rid of these muscle disorders to a great extent. Our neurologists perform a muscle biopsy to identify your muscle disorders and start performing therapies and medication even surgery if needed.

Most people experience muscle disorders due to genetics. Some of the other causes would be an injury, diseases, infections, cancers, inflammations, muscular dystrophy, sprains, tendinitis, and overdosage of certain medicines. Our expert neurologist collaborates with orthopedic surgeons and deals with muscle disorders to maximize recovery and minimize the symptoms

Vertigo :

Vertigo is a condition where there is a kind of sensation formed that the surrounding world seems revolving or spinning. This condition is followed by loss of hearing, tilting, unbalanced feeling, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and some other abnormalities. Vertigo is a sudden change, yet has symptoms like these. So sooner you approach your neurologist sooner you get the right treatment for it. However, the treatment given by ABR Neurology hospital for Vertigo condition depends on the severity of the patient’s condition. Some may need Vestibular rehabilitation, some may need canalith repositioning maneuvers, and some patients may just need the right medication. Also, there are some vertigo cases where the patient needs to undergo surgery.

Meningitis & Encephalitis:

Meningitis and Encephalitis are infections caused by viruses or bacteria and these affect the brain, kidney, and spinal cord. Some persons will have these two conditions, while some have one or the other. People with these conditions experience flu symptoms, trouble hearing, and speaking, experience blurred vision, and loss of consciousness. These neurological conditions can be cured with the right kind of treatment and medication from the best neurologists. These conditions usually require antiviral drugs and antibiotics as these are caused by viruses or fungi. Get supportive care from ABR Neurology hospital before you end up with adverse neurological problems

Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological brain disorder that often leads to difficulties in balancing, walking, and coordination. It is a common disorder in the neurological system.

The progression of this disease doesn’t let you walk, talk, fatigue, constipation, and also causes stiffness. Extensive treatment at an early stage can have a good impact to get rid of these diseases. Usually, neurologists at ABR Hospitals provide medication for Parkinson’s disease, because the right medication at regular intervals can control the disease. Medication includes deep brain stimulation, dopamine, antidepressant, anti-tremors, and cognition-enhancing medication.


Ataxia is a neurological disorder, which makes the muscles lose their control and coordination. This affects walking ability, in some cases, it causes difficulty in swallowing too. This impairment condition might be caused by spinal cord damage and more alcohol consumption. In many cases, cerebellum damage causes ataxia, also the person with this disorder experiences difficulties with speech, slow eye movements, and imbalances in the body coordination of legs, arms, and hands. Neurological experts suggest medication for this condition, also there is no cure for ataxia, and symptoms can be controlled to a great extent.


Scotia affects the legs, back(lower back), and hips, this neurological disorder is usually caused by a bone spur or disc failure or herniated disc. Sciatica has its entire effect on one side of the body. Immediate treatment and medication are required for this condition.

However, the treatment depends on the condition's seriousness. Sciatica is of four different types, they are acute sciatica, alternating sciatica, chronic sciatica, and bilateral sciatica. Each of the conditions has a different longing period. Neurologists prefer nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, nerve pain medications, relaxants, chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, analgesic, and in some cases epidural steroid injection

Stroke (Paralysis):

A stroke is a sudden condition that happens when the brain parts get interrupted because of blockage of blood or no supply of blood to it. This blockage brings no oxygen to the tissues which results in a stroke. It is an emergency condition and requires immediate doctor consultation, to prevent brain damage or any such other complications. Stroke halts your activities, lets you face trouble hearing, speaking, blurry vision, difficulty in swallowing, confusion, numbness in the legs, and arms, and causes temporary paralysis. ABR Hospital Neurological experts perform various treatments and medications such as ACE inhibitors, statin, an antihypertensive drug, anticoagulant, alteplase, stroke rehabilitation, physical therapy, and speech therapy


Neuropathy is one of the neurological disorders that has its effects on the peripheral nervous system, which is responsible for sending network signals to the body. Neuropathy Treatment and that's a comprehensive assessment of the nervous system with electromyograms. Neuropathy can be seen in patients of any age group and so early diagnosis of neuropathy is very important when you see the symptoms such as numbness, muscle weakness, burning pain, falling, and other such discomforts. ABR Hospital Neurosurgeons, provide various kinds of advanced medication and treatment for peripheral neuropathy, some of the treatments are anticonvulsant, analgesic, narcotic, nerve pain medication, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, plasma exchange, local anesthetics, physical therapy, and often surgery