Hearing problems can be caused by a variety of reasons such as old age or other chronic medical conditions. And although problems in the ears are not actually life-threatening, you should still do your best to keep your ear drums in perfect condition since they are the ones that allow you to listen to your surroundings, enjoy music and sometimes prevent incoming danger.

When cleaning the insides of your ears, avoid using sharp objects such as toothpicks or matchsticks as they can cause injury to the walls of your ears and your ear drums as well. This may sound funny but some people do this. Use appropriate ear cleaning tools such as cotton buds to keep your ear safe.

Wear ear protection when going to noisy places such as rock concerts or parties. Loud music and sound can prove damaging to your eardrums and can leave you semi-deaf after. Earplugs help regulate the amount of sound that enters your ears so don't forget to bring them. The same goes when you're deep sea diving. Guard your ears from pressure by wearing earplugs.

A dangerous blow right to your ears or to any area near them can also be damaging. Avoid getting hit or at least minimize the impact by wearing a helmet especially if you're into extreme sports like cycling, skateboarding, hockey and even boxing. In short, always practice safety measures when playing sports.

If you happen to have a sinus problem, treat it on its early stage to avoid having ear infections by taking antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Most hearing problems are simply caused by the accumulation of mucus in the ear from the sinuses. Ear drops are usually given to patients with this condition.