The dark mode feature has become the most common feature demanded by the users and also it can be seen on many platforms and devices. 

When users want to know how to get google dark mode on Chromebook, the process and steps to get dark mode are given below.

One of the most important benefits of a dark mode on a chromebook is that it reduces the blue light emitted by the screen during the night and reduces the effect of eye strain and it is always advisable to activate the dark mode, especially for night binging on the device.

Chrome OS offers three channels, 

> Stable Channel 

> Beta Channel

> Dev Channel 

But users would be able to activate dark mode on Chromebook using the Beta channel only.

Ways how to activate dark mode on chromebook for users:

To activate dark mode on the chromebook, users must switch to the Beta channel on their  Chromebook as only the Beta channel is compatible with dark mode.

Therefore, after switching to the latest Beta channel, users need to restart their devices and sign in to their Google accounts.

Follow the steps given below to know how to get google dark mode on Chromebook:

Step 1: Users need to open Google Chrome on their Chromebook.

Step 2: Then type in “chrome://flags” and it will take users to the “Experiments” window.

Step 3: Users need to type dark or dark mode in the 'search flags' column

Step 4: Users would have to click on the 'Default' button, next to “Dark/light mode of system UI,” and must click on the “Enabled" option.

Step 5: The next steps for users would be to “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents,” choose the“Default” button and select the “Enabled" option.

Step 6: It would be advisable for users to repeat the same process for the Chrome flags accessible.

Step 7: Once completed with the above process, users must reboot or press the restart button.

Step 9: After rebooting, users would witness that Chromebook dark mode is turned on.

Step 9: Entire system and its apps, files, settings, gallery, etc, would be in the dark mode.

These were the steps that users can apply to activate the dark mode on Chromebook and sometimes users may face bugs and lag after enabling this mode.

Disclaimer: All running apps may not support this feature.