Anxiety is a common mental disorder that affects adults in several ways. It occurs due to many stressful events such as financial troubles, relationship problems, facing trauma, changing jobs, etc. According to the Frequency Medicine Center in Honolulu, people who experience this mental disorder may face fatigue, restlessness, sleeping disorder, and dizziness. In this article, we will discuss the major symptoms, causes and risk factors of anxiety. We further discuss the importance of sound healing therapy for this mental disorder.

Common anxiety syndromes

One of the major symptoms of anxiety is worry or fear. This mental disorder creates a negative impact on your sleep, breathing and concentration. Some specific symptoms of an anxiety disorder include:

• Panic, uneasiness, worry, or fear
• Feelings of doom, panic, or danger
• Sleeping disorder
• Dry mouth
• Feeling tense, nervous and restless
• Cold, numb, sweaty, or tingling hands 
• Dizziness
• Tense muscles
• Breathing problems
• Hyperventilation or rapid breathing
• Unable to concentrate
• Nausea
• Heart palpitations
• Feeling tired or weak
• Experiencing gastrointestinal disorders
• Unable to control panic
• Excess sweating

Causes of Anxiety

The exact cause of anxiety is undiscovered. Medical researchers and scientists are not sure of the major reasons for this disorder. However, the following causes play a big role in developing an anxiety disorder. They include: 

• Severe stress
• Medical problems such as diabetes or depression
• Genetic disorder
• Environmental stress
• Medical conditions

Major risk factors of anxiety

According to medical professionals, anxiety has too many risk factors. Some of them you can change over time, but others you can’t. 5 major risk factors include: 

Trauma: Children or adults who witnessed any traumatic event or endured trauma or abuse are at high risk of anxiety. 

Stress: Unwanted stress due to medical illness can be a major risk factor for anxiety disorder. Having a serious illness or health condition may cause stress which leads to severe anxiety.

Sexual abuse in childhood: Sexual, emotional and physical abuse during childhood may lead to anxiety disorders. Moreover, experiencing any traumatic event may increase the risk of PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder, which may cause panic attacks

Personality: Adults with certain personalities are at higher risk of anxiety. Apart from that, people with certain mental disorders like depression are also prone to anxiety

Family history: Anxiety may run in families. Having other mental disorders in family history may increase the risk of Anxiety. 

Is sound healing therapy effective for anxiety? 

Music therapy involves a number of sound healing techniques to enhance emotional and mental health & improve well-being. In this therapy, different aspects of music are used to treat mental disorders and boost your mood. Sound healing experts use different types of instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls and gongs to perform the technique. 

Sound healing therapy is good for treating anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, psychiatric or behavioral disorders, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, etc. Music therapy keeps your mind calm and gives you ultimate mental peace. If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, a sound healing technique is the most effective way to heal it properly. 

Final words

The feelings of anxiety disorder & unwanted panic affect our daily activities. Proper therapy like sound healing and a healthy lifestyle helps to improve your mood and keep you away from unwanted stress and anxiety. Here at the Hawaii Healing Sound School, you can learn the basics techniques of sound healing techniques through their advanced training courses, and workshops and become a professional sound healing practitioner. 

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