Streaming services are a great source of entertainment these days. Watching good TV shows, movies, or other such content relaxes our minds after long work hours or study. 
The two streaming platforms that top the streaming industry include Netflix and HBO Max.

Many people cannot decide which streaming service to watch great content online. Therefore, we bring you this simple comparison to help you decide which service to choose after analyzing various aspects of Netflix and HBO Max side by side. 

Both Netflix and HBO Max offer amazing content to their subscribers, but the differences in the type of content, quality of content, and pricing might make you choose one over the other.
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Best Pricing: HBO Max vs. Netflix

Price is one of the major factors people consider while getting a streaming service for themselves and their families. Following is the comparison of prices between HBO Max and Netflix:

  • HBO Max: HBO Max subscribers can choose from the 2 main plan types: ads and ad-free. If you choose the ads plan, you will have to pay $10 per month or $100 per year. The add-free plan costs around $15 per month or $150 per year. 
  • Netflix: Although Netflix does have any ads plan, it still offers 3 different plans for its subscribers. These plans include The basic plan ($9.99/mo.), standard plan ($15.59/mo.), and premium plan ($19.99 per month). Read this full review on Netflix to learn further about the prices and plans.

Both Netflix and HBO Max are quite close when it comes to pricing. However, if you want to pay the lowest amount, you can choose the ad-supported plan at $10 per month or $100 per year.
Netflix also offers an economical basic package, but you would have to spend a lot of money to get the benefits if you need a Premium subscription.

Best Original Content: HBO Max vs. Netflix

To stand out in the ever-increasing competitive world of entertainment, Both Netflix and HBO Max offer original movies and TV shows to attract new users. Both Netflix and HBO Max take pride in providing exclusive movies and shows: 

  • HBO Max: HBO Max has a huge variety of originals for its users. TV shows like Gossip Girl, The Flight Attendant, Close Enough, and the Peacemaker are some of the exclusive shows offered by HBO Max. HBO Max’s content in 2022 is attracting the attention of many throughout the world. 
  • Netflix: Netflix is equally awesome in providing a wide variety of original content that includes movies, stand-up specials, documentaries, and TV shows. Talking about its famous content, such as Squid Game, Stranger Things, and The Crown, has kept its viewers hooked to the screens.

Both HBO Max and Netflix have a wide range of TV shows and movies for their users to enjoy.

However, Netflix has got more quantity of original content than HBO Max and is currently investing more to produce even more great content for its subscribers.

Best Other Content: HBO Max vs. Netflix

Both Netflix and HBO Max provides unlimited hours of thrills and laughs through their amazing and unique content. HBO Max offers some classic content that is often not available on Netflix for US citizens.

TV shows such as Friends and The Big bang Theory are very popular in the USA and are viewed by people through HBO Max. Read the full review on HBO Max to learn further about the pricing and the type of content being provided.

In contrast, Netflix has a bigger library than HBO Max and offers a huge variety of TV shows not only from the past but from the recent times as well such as Is it Cake, Star Trek, The Great British Baking Show, The West Wing, Parks and Recreation and Schitt’s Creek.

Moreover, Netflix also has more than 100 movies in the store. 

The choice is all yours, whether to choose Netflix for a wide variety of content or HBO Max for great quality content that suits your taste.

Best Devices and Compatibility: HBO Max vs. Netflix

Both HBO max and Netflix are compatible with a huge range of devices that include: 

  • Mobile devices – Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • Living room devices – Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku
  • Browsers – All major internet browsers
  • Smart TVs. – Including brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony
  • Video game consoles – Xbox and PlayStation

You won’t have any issues while streaming Netflix or HBO Max on any device. 

Best Video Quality: HBO Max vs. Netflix

Video quality is a major aspect of streaming services. Some services offer 4K Ultra HD content to their users, while others lag in providing a high definition. For example, if we talk about HBO Max, it currently provides limited 4K content.

HBO Max offers 4K content for WarnerBros movies such as The Matrix Resurrections and the Batman. Most of the TV shows offered by HBO Max are available at 1080p for now.

HBO Max’s competitor Netflix has loads of content available in 4K to attract users to sign up for its Premium plan.

Many of its popular shows, such as Money Heist, Stranger Things, Russian Doll, and Mindhunters, are available in 4K.

Best Simultaneous Streams: HBO Max vs. Netflix

The feature of simultaneous streaming is not the same for HBO Max and Netflix. HBO Max allows you to stream on up to 3 devices at a time. This is for all types of plans.

However, things work differently for Netflix users. The basic plan allows you to stream at a single device at a time. If you want to stream on two devices simultaneously, they will be required to the Standard plan.

If you wish to stream on 4 devices simultaneously, you will have to subscribe to Netflix’s Premium Plan.

Although the Premium plan by Netflix offers the most number of simultaneous streams, HBO Max has a great value for money as it allows its subscribers to enjoy 3 simultaneous streams for as low as $10/mo.

Best Interface and User Experience: HBO Max vs. Netflix

A good streaming service offers a modern and clean user interface. Both Netflix and HBO Max excel in this category as both have provided great user experiences.

Both have simple menus, easy-to-understand categories, and effective search bars. Both recommend your content according to your watch list and viewing history.

Conclusion: Which One is Better?

Can’t decide which service to choose for streaming?

You can make a decision based on your preferences and budget. Both Netflix and HBO Max come with pros and cons, and you will decide which one is best for you by analyzing the factor of pricing, simultaneous streaming, and the type of content being offered by either of these two streaming services.

HBO Max is growing rapidly by providing some great originals and WB movies being a huge attraction for the users. Moreover, it also offers value for money for those on a budget.

Though Netflix is a bit costly, but has more content in store than HBO Max and is one do the leading service in the streaming industry. Netflix invests tons of money to provide more original content to its viewers.


Is HBO Max just like Netflix?

Netflix and HBO Max are close in competition in the streaming industry. Both the streaming services top the list of best streaming platforms and slightly differ in pricing, quality and quantity of content, and the number of simultaneous streams.

Does Netflix have more subscribers than HBO?

According to the New York Times, HBO and HBO Max have more than 73.8 million subscribers; however, Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers giving a tough time to its competitors.