Nowadays, online learning is very popular. Students can pursue a high school education online for many reasons, including:


  • greater flexibility
  • Freedom to choose your semester
  • Freedom to explore subjects not offered by public high schools
  • Opportunities to learn from experienced instructors
  • You have the option to enroll in either full-time or part-time classes


There are many benefits to QW School. If you want to earn Ontario high school diploma, then QW School can help. QW School offers a variety of classes taught by highly qualified specialists. They use innovative methods that have been proven to be very useful and are highly effective. These teachers, administrators, as well as guidance staff, are highly supportive and will ensure that all students have the best possible educational experience. All staff do their best to ensure that learners receive the best academic support and assistance. They provide the best education and make students feel happy and successful.


QW School Terms

This high school admission process is easy and you won't have to worry about anything. QW School has three terms per year, plus the summer term.

  • The fall term runs from September to November
  • Winter term runs from January through March
  • The spring term runs from April through June
  • The summer term runs from July through August


Simply choose the term that best suits your needs and then start the application process. QW School staffs know how to motivate students. They ensure that every student receives the most attention and learning opportunities. QW School believes that personal growth is the most important thing. Every student is encouraged to take an active role in their education by this school. Teachers, parents, and students share responsibility and create a positive learning environment. Students receive the best guidance. QW School uses an online learning platform that offers a variety of resources and options. They can be customized in many ways to help each learner obtain his/her Ontario high school diploma as quickly as possible.


QW School offers a variety of academic courses, starting in Grade 9. The application form on the website can be used to apply for admission. Students are expected to complete secondary school programs with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. They will also have the chance to compete for the Governor General's Award and earn honors. This virtual school aims to prepare students for:

  • University
  • College
  • Other post-secondary education
  • The workplace


You don't need to look any further, QW School offers Ontario Secondary School Diploma. With such high-quality courses and customized programs, QW School ensures that every student receives his diploma and continues his education. Get your education started at QW School today and let the staff assist you in your journey to higher education.