Ling Mutian looked at her with even more disgust, and four words popped out of her mouth: "Adulterer and adulteress!" Xu butler wants to wait for sophistry, Ling Mutian a wink, red banana on the front of a foot to kick him kneeling on the ground. [59] Chapter 59 New Hatred and Old Hatred "Yunfeng and Mingzhu don't need a shameless mother like you. Don't wash your dirty linen in public. It's up to you whether I want to do it or not." Ling Mu Tian waved his hand and made a conclusion. The third lady finally knew that the matter had been exposed and there was no room for redemption. Her face was pale. Suddenly, she rushed at me and grabbed me with her long fingernails. How could I let her jump on me? How far away from her was a slight flash? She couldn't stop. She bumped into the table and knocked out a big bump on her head, oozing blood. Ling Yunxuan, it's all your curse. Why didn't I kill you too? Didn't you? After my mother gave birth to me, you were afraid that she would get pregnant again and give birth to a son. Didn't you poison her? It's a pity that you didn't dare to poison her all at once. It was a slow poison, but I also ate the food, but it also made me stay in bed for many years. Four years ago, if I hadn't been in poor health, I would have died long ago if I had only drunk a mouthful of poisonous porridge and vomited! I only blame you for being greedy and accepting my uncle's gift to send me to Luzhou, otherwise you have plenty of time to kill me. Now you regret it? I asked, looking at her coldly. This woman's heart is so vicious that she is still calculating! It's not that I haven't given her a chance. For four years, I gave her four years to turn over a new leaf. But how did she do it? She cuckolded Ling Mutian and helped outsiders deal with the Ling family. Had it not been for Zhao Ang spreading out the evidence in front of me one by one, I couldn't believe it. He had been in the officialdom for many years. How could Ling Mutian not understand the meaning of the emperor? He kept a distance from the royal family, did not favor any prince,Pallet rack upright, and maintained a delicate balance with everyone. He was afraid that breaking this relationship would bring disaster to the Ling family, but he did not know that this balance had already been broken! The third lady had long been bribed by King Kang. It was she who revealed the eldest brother's weakness to King Kang. No wonder the eldest brother was completely different from before. Suddenly, he was so close to King Kang that he had a handle to be held by King Kang! She got all the information about me from her second brother and the rest of the Ling family, and told King Kang. No wonder I never crossed paths with King Kang, but he was very sure of me. And King Kang's promise to her was to seal Ling Mingzhu as the queen after she ascended the throne. Only she, an idiot,Drive in racking system, would believe this trick! But with the assurance of her lover Xu Hui, she believed it. You She pointed at me with a trembling hand, unable to find the words. I walked up to her and whispered in her ear, "You should have thought of yourself the day you killed. I've let you go. Don't be ungrateful. You don't want your daughter to accompany you, do you?" She stared at me incredulously and asked in a trembling voice, "No way!"! Impossible! How do you know? "If you don't want others to know, don't do it yourself!" I answered slowly. You're not human! You are not a man! The Third Lady looked at me, shaking her head like a rattle, and murmured. I am not a good man or woman, and I didn't want revenge at the beginning, just because it was none of my business and I was afraid of causing trouble for myself. Now that they can easily avenge Xia Moer's mother and daughter, and can attack their opponents, Pallet rack beams ,Steel racking system, why not? I took out the poison from my sleeve pocket and presented it to Ling Mutian. It was this poison that the Third Lady used to kill Xia Moer: "Dad, my mother was poisoned by this poison in those years. I heard it was sweet. It melted when poured into water. It was almost like sugar. After taking it, the poisoned person could not speak. His intestines were rotten, his seven orifices were bleeding, and he died of severe pain!" Ling Mutian looked at me with complicated eyes, took the poison and poured a handful into the teacup. The Third Lady came to her senses and screamed, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" Turn around and run out of the door. Stop her! Ling Mutian's voice did not fall, the red banana waist twisted, jumped up quickly, and swept her back into the house. While the red banana got up, Xu butler suddenly got up and performed flying skills to sweep away the open door. His body was smooth and his movements were quick. He was really a master! Ling Mutian did not allow his rival to escape, so he strode out and hit him in the back of his head. Xu butler had to turn sideways to avoid, this stagnation, he no longer has the possibility of escape, was surrounded by Ling Fu's guards, fighting. Ling Mutian withdrew from the battle and looked at him coldly as he dealt with the guards. Worthy of King Kang's men, I saw him in the bodyguards like wearing flowers and willows, although the guards were many, they could not hurt him. The noise here was so loud that it alarmed the people in the mansion. The first lady, the second lady, the fifth lady and my brothers and sisters all ran over. Mother! Ling Yunfeng and Ling Mingzhu came forward to pick up the tearful Sanfu who had fallen to the ground. What's going on here? Ling Yunfeng looked at me. Second brother, I'm sorry! Everything is done by the third lady, Ling Yunfeng did not do anything to me, not to mention that he is good to me in this home, things are exposed, Ling Mutian will never let go of the third lady, this is what she deserves. I said I was sorry because I had the ability to turn the situation around and let Ling Mutian spare the Third Lady, but I didn't want to do that. Ling Mingzhu wanted to hit me, but she was stopped by her second brother. She asked at the top of her voice, "What did you do to my mother?"? Why is she like this? I chuckled, "You're wrong. I didn't do anything to your mother. You should ask her what she did to my mother and what she did to your father." Ling Yunfeng looked at the Third Lady and called out "Niang" inquiringly. Shaking her head, the Third Lady threw herself into his arms and burst into tears. She said, "Yunfeng Yunfeng, you must save Niang. I don't want to die. What will happen to your brother and sister if I die?" Ling Yunfeng's face suddenly changed. "Is Father going to kill his mother?" I nodded and said, "And butler Xu!" He seemed to understand something, and he seemed to understand nothing, and he stayed there, like a frosted eggplant,Industrial pallet rack, wilting! Ling Mingzhu hugged her mother and cried together until the sky was dark. The eldest lady looked at Qian Er and Qiu Ju, who were shrinking in the corner. She came forward and took my hand and patted me: "Yun Xuan!"! Poor child! Although she fasted and prayed to the Buddha and ignored the affairs of the world, she could see things more clearly than anyone else.