A first-time flyer is someone who has not traveled by air before. It is someone who is going to enter a flight and have it controlled by a pilot for the first time. They can be called newbies too. It is normal to have a mixture of being excited and nervous at the same time and that is nothing to worry about.

Though traveling by air can get a little bit messy, it is advised that you should be grounded on the cultures at the airline before embarking on any trip by air.

In this very interesting article, you will find out the outstanding tips that are highly recommended for every first-time flyer.


1. Check-in online

For someone who hasn’t traveled by air before, it is advisable to follow necessary procedures and take necessary precautions to be safer.

Checking in online saves unnecessary stress. All you need to do after this process is to present your booking receipt to secure a pass. 

Although, as a first-time flyer, you must check-in online and print your receipt from the app to save yourself from the long queue at the airport.   

2. Understand The Different Types Of Baggage

This is a very necessary tip for first-time flyers. You should understand that there are specific rules guiding the airlines and as such, should be kept. 

The baggage can come in three forms; checked baggage, carry-on baggage, and personal baggage.

Here, the checked baggage might contain your clothes and all other voluminous traveling items. It is advised that you avoid anything that would make you want to access your checked baggage during the travel.

The carry-on baggage is always the handy one. Due to it being bigger than personal baggage and having to stay with a person during a flight, it usually passes through a security check. Certain things might not be allowed in the carry-on baggage depending on the airline. Items such as alcohol or any anesthetics might not be allowed.

Down to the personal baggage; this can be your handbag, laptop, or any other handy gadget. 

Personal baggage shares some similarities with carry-on baggage as it stays on the person on the flight. It also has some security regulations guiding it. 

Most airlines might not accept it, so you will have to put it in your carry-on baggage. Having this baggage knowledge as a first-time flyer would save you some explanation and embarrassment.

3. Pack The Most Important In Your Carryon

For first-time flyers who might have challenging health issues like asthma, it’s paramount that you have your medication in your carry-on baggage. 

Or if you are someone that would want to bring your in-flight entertainment; you can decide to pack your gadgets or magazines in your carry-on baggage. 

Pack your important things that would be within your reach while on the flight. And as a first-time flyer, it’s impeccable to always pack a handy carry-on.


4. Have A Piece For Identifying Your Luggage With

As funny as it may sound, luggage at the airport tends to be for someone. First-time flyers should not fail to personalize their baggage for easy identification.

You can choose to be fashionable by using a fancy lining or wool to wrap the handle of your checked baggage so you won’t have the reason to create a scene when the reverse would be the case.

You know that moment when your loved ones are already waiting for you at the airport to pick you; as a first-time flyer, you might out of excitement and rush, move with another’s baggage thinking it is yours, probably it looks exactly like yours.

Even the most seasoned travelers get confused when they fail to identify their particular baggage.


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