Community Access Care provide quality in-home support services for people with disabilities. They are a social enterprise owned and operated by people with disabilities. They provide services throughout all of Queensland. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. This paper highlights some of the challenges that the disability community faces when trying to find services for their needs.

When life gets tough, people can feel sad and anxious. Having someone to talk to is important. Mental health services can help people deal with these feelings and feel better. The following services are available to help people manage their mental health issues. If you're feeling down or overwhelmed, you can contact a provider or talk to your GP to find out more about available mental health services.

Among other support services, the Alcohol and Drug Information Service provides 24-hour help for people affected by alcohol and other drugs. Their services include information, referrals, and treatment. They also offer services to individuals, families, and friends, as well as general practitioners and other health practitioners. They can also provide alcohol and drug treatment information to businesses and community groups.

There are also many medical professional organisations in Queensland that offer personal support and helplines. However, this list is not comprehensive. These organisations are not affiliated with Doctors' Health Queensland. Some of these resources are free or low-cost. There is also a free app called ReMinder Suicide Safety Plan, which is available for all people, anytime, anywhere. It has been recently updated to include new features. You can also sign up for Avant's Personal Social Support, which provides access to confidential counselling.