It is well-known that most consumer FDM 3D printers are printing quite slowly. Even with a simple model, it may take hours to finish. However, in the year 2022, things are different. A high-speed 3D printer is going to market. By early September, Geeetech is launching a new high-speed 3D printer named THUNDER on Kickstarter for early birds. Thunder will come with a high printing speed, an all-metal designed body, a super strong cooling system, and a big printing volume.

After 2 years of engineering since 2020, Geeetech has gained mature technology which enables THUNDER to print at high speed while not compromising quality. According to trusted sources from Geeetech, the printing speed of THUNDER can reach up to 300mm/s with an acceleration of 5000mm/s² for the X-axis and 4000mm/s² for the Y-axis. With the same model and same printing quality, users can save 30%-70% printing time according to the complexity of the model.

See a video about Geeetech THUNDER Benchy Printing Test

Geeetech adopted a dual drive gear extruder, high power heating module and large volume nozzle for extrusion, and 5 cooling fans for hotend and model cooling. From the melting of filament to extrusion and cooling, THUNDER gains further better performance than traditional FDM 3D printers. Thunder's high-speed 3D printing cannot be achieved without an efficient extrusion system, and strong cooling system, while the all-metal body with a dual Z-axis design ensures the stability of the machine when it is printing and moving at high speed.
Thunder offers a printing volume of 250*250*260mm and comes with 5 different printing modes for different printing needs. It also supports other functions like break-resuming capability, password protection, etc. Geeetech will start the Kickstarter project for THUNDER by early September, the price starts from $399 for early birds which is quite wallet-friendly. Geeetech is conducting a subscription and giveaway activity on their official website for THUNDER, if consumers are interested in getting more details about THUNDER, check the details here: