But although the vast mountains are quiet and peaceful, the inside is not so. Some practitioners who knew the origin of Tianqi's birth, in order to win the favor of the immortal of Cai Jing or the three Buddhist arhat relics, all hid in the mountains, waiting for an opportunity to move, only to find some clues to the flaws, and then captured the evil Tianqi and sent it to Danxia Mountain or White Lotus Land of Lushan Mountain. At that time, they only needed a little guidance from the two peerless masters to practice, and naturally they were expected to make great progress. However, the magic array at the mountain gate of Dayan Sect is very powerful, and the disciples inside do not travel. What's more, the Dayan Sect is a great school of spiritual practice, with deep roots and luxuriant leaves. These practitioners who are waiting for an opportunity to move in the vast mountains are naturally a little afraid. Even in order to covet the favor of the earth immortals, no one dares to come to provoke the Dayan Sect? So, a few months have passed in a hurry, and the practitioners in the vast mountains have already exchanged several waves, but no one knows what the situation is inside the Dayan Sect. —— On this day, another Taoist entered the vast mountains. This Taoist's practice was not high, and even the golden elixir was not congealed. People from all walks of life peeped in the dark, but naturally they didn't take it to heart, thinking that the junior disciples of which family had got the news and came to fish in troubled waters. The Taoist crossed a hundred thousand mountains until he reached the highest peak in the vast mountains. The peak was called the Infinite Peak, which was thousands of feet high and could reach the sky! This Taoist was at the end of the path. When he reached the foot of Wuliang Peak, he did not hesitate to climb to the top of the peak. After all, he had not practiced enough. When he climbed more than four thousand Zhangs, the wind became more and more bitter, and he had some difficulty. Then he climbed hundreds of Zhangs, and there was already wind and thunder. His practice had not yet formed an elixir. How could he support it? At the end of the road,pumpkin seed extract, seeing that he could not climb up, he was worried, so he wanted to raise the spirit and shout to the master, so that the master could know. At that moment, a gentle breath came to his face and wrapped him inside. With a slight flash, the scene in front of him changed, but it was in a cave. At the end of the road, he fixed his eyes on the Taoist in front of him. It was Tianyan who was in the dense light. He hurriedly kowtowed and saluted. At the Tianchong Orifice on the top of Tianyan's forehead, the brilliant light flashes, revealing that the primordial embryo of the Taoist body is running in the brilliance of Tianchong,akba boswellic acid, which is a sign that the Taoist practice has reached the realm of Tianchong. Tianyan did not pay attention to the end of the way, but pinched the seal with his left hand, drove the method, threw it with his right hand, and threw out a slender black hair floating over his head. Then, in the Tianchong Orifice on his head, the Taoist Primordial Tortoise also worked. A golden light emerged from the Baihui Tianchong of the Taoist Primordial Tortoise, and immediately turned into a golden Xuan tortoise shell, on which the black hair was being carried, but it was the Dayan Xuan tortoise shell of the Tianyan Taoist. As soon as the golden light on the surface of the Xuan tortoise shell shook, it shot out seventy-seven and forty-nine golden whirlpools, which surrounded the tortoise shell and gathered to form the number of Dayan, forming a maze array of Dayan. The tortoise shell of Dayan Xuan was sacrificed, and the Taoist body of Tianyan Taoist also sat upright in Tianchong, pinching the seal with his left hand. The forty-nine golden light whirlpools around Dayan Xuan Turtle Shell circled and danced, evolving into Dayan Fan Zong. Tianyan Taoist suddenly opened a pair of clear and shining eyes, opened his small mouth, and looked up at the golden light Xuan Turtle Shell. A little clear light inside was Taiqing Fairy Light. The fairy light went into Dayan Xuan Tortoise Shell, shaking and flashing into the inside. Shot into the golden tortoise shell, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,turmeric extract powder, surrounded by seven, seven, forty-nine golden whirlpools flying around more and more rapidly. Then, the tortoise shell above the birth of a layer of golden light, according to the shape of forty-nine whirlpools, intertwined, the black hair carried on the tortoise shell wrapped inside. For a long time, the golden whirlpool returned to Dayan Xuan Gui Jia, and then Xuan Gui Jia turned into a golden whirlpool, which only returned to the top wheel of Tianyan Taoist's Taoist body, and the Taoist body also disappeared. Tianyan Taoist scattered the seal with his left hand, and with a slight move, he only drew the black hair that was wrapped around the Jinyun Vortex Dayan maze array overhead into his hand. With another wave of his hand, the black hair disappeared. This Cai Zhenren is rather aggressive. As a senior, he has repeatedly calculated Apocalypse. If I hadn't used Dayan Xuan Tortoise Shell to urge Dayan Fan Trace Array to disturb Yin and Yang, I'm afraid Apocalypse's whereabouts would have been calculated by Cai Zhenren! After Tianyan Taoist spread out the exercises, he seemed to be talking to himself, and he seemed to be listening to the end of the Taoist. After saying that, the Tianyan Taoist looked at the prostrate Taoist on the ground and said, "Get up, but the apocalypse wants you to come." After kowtowing again at the end of the road, he got up and said respectfully, "Master, you have magical powers. That's right. Martial Nephew Tianqi has something to tell Master." —————— The next chapter: The world is disabled, the way to practice [Book 1-Book 4 Chapter 66 The world is disabled, the way to practice! (Upper)] In the vast mountains, on the top of the Infinite Peak, the wind is still howling. There is thunder and fire flashing in the wind. In a cave on the top of the peak, there are two Taoists, one sitting and one standing. It is the Tianyan Taoist and the Taoist at the end of the Taoist. What does the boy of the apocalypse want you to tell me? Tianyan Taoist asked. Martial Nephew Tianqi asked me to tell Shizun that I hope Shizun can drive him out of the door and declare the world! At the end of the road, although his heart was very strange, he still spoke out the instructions of the apocalypse. Tianyan Taoist listened to the words at the end of the way, but there was no change in his complexion, which was obviously expected. For a long time, Tianyan Taoist sighed slightly and said, "I had expected such a situation, but I still had a sense of luck and selfishness in my heart. I repeatedly told him not to reveal his own practice. I didn't want it to be in vain after all!" At the end of the road, he did not understand what Tianyan Taoist said, nor did he dare to interrupt, but secretly remembered. Just, just! At the end of the way, come here! Tianyan's right hand showed a tiny golden light, and inside it was the black hair of the forty-nine whirlpools blessed by the tortoise shell of Dayan Xuan. At the end of the way, Tianyan sent the golden light to the end of the way, and then passed on a method to the end, so that the black hair could be put away. Then Tianyan said, "I will do as he wishes."! Moreover, you take this thing back, give it to Tianqi, and tell him, "Southeast Dashun!" Then Tianyan waved his hand to Dao Mo and said, "I'll give you a ride." Then a clear air roll out, will be wrapped at the end of a send, between the twinkling of an eye, then to the foot of Wuliang Mountain. At the end of the road, although there were many doubts in his mind, he also knew that he could not delve into the matter, so he pressed his mind and bowed down to the top of the mountain, and then got up and turned back along the original road. With this in mind,lycopene for skin, he naturally went all out on his way, and a day later, he returned to his residence in Kyoto. prius-biotech.com