Song Xiangming smiled faintly and said, "Well, since we want to cooperate, I'll just put it bluntly. There are two reasons why Hongke betrayed Liu Fei. First, it's because he and Liu Fei are not as harmonious as they seem on the surface. Liu Fei has the algorithm of Madagascar Equation in his hands. Hongke has always wanted to ask Liu Fei for it." But Liu Fei always refuses to tell Hongke the algorithm for various reasons. Maybe you two don't know much about it. If Hongke has this equation in his hands, he can make a firewall that can't be broken at all in the world. At that time, the whole anti-virus software industry in the world will be monopolized by Hongke Group, and the profits of Hongke Group will be like Microsoft. But I don't know why Liu Fei didn't tell Hongke. This is the first reason why Hongke betrayed Liu Fei. The second reason is that I gave Hongke enough chips to make him move. Maybe you will ask, Hongke is worth tens of billions, what else will make him move? There must be a promise, but most people don't know it. But I know! Hong Ke has always been in love with Liu Yifei, a superstar in the film and television circle,saw palmetto extract, but I'm afraid you know that Liu Yifei has his "godfather" behind her, and she is her godfather's forbidden pet, which no other man can touch, so Hong Ke's brother is very distressed about this! But I helped him solve the problem! I have talked with Liu Yifei's godfather and asked him to let Liu Yifei go. Now, Liu Yifei belongs to Hongke's younger brother completely,jujube seed powder, and this time I will give him 40% of the profits of Hongke Group, and the three of us will share the other 20%. Isn't there a saying in the West? As long as you give enough chips, even an angel can become a prostitute! Song Xiangming finished and looked confidently at Qi Haiping and Cao Jinyang. He got red gram this time, can be said to be under a hard work, used the power of the family to check the weakness of red gram clearly, finally suit the remedy to the case, got red gram, and his purpose is only one, that is to weaken Liu Fei's power, fenugreek saponins ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, strength, and red gram is one of the main pillars of Liu Fei's economic source, is also the easiest to fix! Next, he has a huge plan, and Hong Ke is just one of them. After listening to Song Xiangming's explanation, Qi Haiping and Cao Jinyang immediately all showed excitement in their eyes, because they knew that it was time for them to avenge Liu Fei. As long as they could successfully drive Liu Fei out of Hongke Group, Liu Fei would lose a very considerable income. At that time, they will humiliate Liu Fei. At the same time, Liu Fei was in the Xishan Restaurant, facing the Prime Minister with a sad face and a preoccupied look. Volume VI Zouma Yueyang Chapter 568 Meet Hong Ke The premier looked at Liu Fei's expression and did not speak. He knew that many times, as an elder, he had to leave a space for the younger generation to grow up and think. Many things, only after they had experienced, thought, or even failed, could they feel some of the subtleties and make real progress. For Liu Fei, he is now full of hope and expectation. He believes that if Liu Fei can really grow up, he is likely to become the hope of the whole China in the future, and is likely to lead China to stand at the peak of the whole world, because Liu Fei is a person who never condescends to others. Is a real man of indomitable spirit! Three days later, the Central Inspection Group finished its inspection and left Yueyang City. Liu Fei and all the officials in Yueyang City, big and small, breathed a sigh of relief. The result of this investigation can be said to be that everyone is happy. Yueyang City has been listed as a typical city of economic development. The successful experience of Yueyang City will be promoted to the outside world, and the reputation of Yueyang city will be famous all over the world. As the founder of the economic development of the whole city, Liu Fei's name has appeared frequently and formally in various types of media reports. Wang Fugui of Yueyang City came late, and he did not make any achievements in the economy. Although he will appear in various reports, he is just a foil for Liu Fei. This time, Liu Fei is the real face. After Wang Fugui's arrival, this is the first time that Liu Fei defeated Wang Fugui in a formal occasion. Although Wang Fugui had planned to take the opportunity of the Central Inspection Group to make a counterattack and completely overthrow Liu Fei,turmeric extract powder, it caused the Prime Minister, who had always maintained a neutral attitude, to be dissatisfied with him. He made a careless move and lost the whole game.