Putting together an event can be hard work, but music can help make the whole experience much more memorable and exciting. However, hiring musicians to perform at your party or putting together a playlist of your favourite tunes might not be feasible for everyone. If you're looking to add music to your event without adding any costs, consider the best Jukebox Hire Sydney service instead! Here are three reasons why jukebox hire is one of the best ways to add music to your event!

3 Reasons Why Jukebox Hire is the Best for Your Event


One of the great things about Jukebox Hire Sydney is how flexible it can be. You may want live music but do not worry if your guests love a certain song that you hadn't considered before. This means you could go for a mix of live musicians and jukeboxes depending on your preference, space constraints and budget.

One way to think about your decision around whether or not to go for a mix of live music and jukeboxes is by considering how many people are likely to dance at your event. Do you know how many people love dancing? At weddings, 90% will dance! What's better than hearing their favourite song when they're ready?

Lower Costs

Jukebox Hire Sydney

Aside from improving music quality, not to mention you're ensuring that all your guests hear your favourite song of all time. There are also plenty of benefits that come with jukebox hire. For example, a less expensive way of adding music would be renting a jukebox rather than hiring an in-house DJ. On top of this, it can also give some variety to your playlist since DJs sometimes don't always have time to include all the songs you want on their playlist. Another big plus is that any person can pick out their own tunes without the help of a DJ or without paying any additional costs for them.

Build Relationships

Part of being a great event planner is knowing your client's goals and staying in line with them. We're here to offer advice and help you finalise Jukebox Hire Sydney for your upcoming events, but what if you need more input? We always recommend speaking with our Customer Service team. Whether you have a small or large event coming up, we'll provide what you need in order to make it a success.


Hiring a jukebox will bring an important element to your event. It will give people something that they can feel and see, rather than just hearing it on the radio. A jukebox creates ambience, it brings energy, it provides live entertainment for those who love being up close and personal with a machine, and it turns a regular room into an interesting focal point of your party! Whether you're trying to plan a corporate event, birthday party or bachelor/bachelorette party, music needs to be involved. Making sure there's music playing at every event may seem difficult, but by hiring a jukebox, you'll worry about one less thing on your plate.

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