You’ve probably heard your friends chatting about building a PC and felt a bit out of the conversation. Should you be building a PC from scratch too? The reality is, however, that it’s much easier, faster, and cost effective to go with pre-built gaming PCs, especially from a brand that’s trusted in the gaming space.

Just as fast as building your own PC has become a trend, so has the trend of purchasing custom PCs that are built before they’re shipped. Here are the reasons why.

Reason #1: The Price
Unlike other projects, building a PC is much more expensive when you buy the parts individually. Graphic cards have become excessively expensive to buy. PC companies buy hardware in bulk, allowing them to put together PCs at lower costs than if you buy all the pieces yourself.

Reason #2: The Specs
Sometimes it can be a bit confusing to pick all of the components you need for your PC. You have to know the requirements for certain games and programs as well as what parts work together. It’s a bit more knowledge than what some of us with basic tech skills have. A pre-built machine can take away that issue completely. At CLX Gaming, you can custom build PCs that have components you need without the hassle of researching and putting it together.

Reason #3: Additional Features
Whether it’s cooling fans or a stunning case, pre-built gaming PCs often come with additional features that would take extra work and money if you put them in your own PC built from scratch. All of the pieces are designed to go together as well, so you’ll often see stunning designs throughout.

Reason #4: Warranties
You will often not have warranties with your individual components, leaving you to take apart your PC to figure out what went wrong and what can be fixed. Pre-built PCs often come with extensive warranties that allow you to replace certain parts or get help from customer support. This can make it a lot easier to deal with complications that arise with your new PC.

Reason #5: Software
It’s not all about hardware! Pre-built gaming PCs often come with software so you don’t have to install it yourself. This is usually the latest operating system and even sometimes things like Steam. This saves you another headache.

Reason #6: Time
One of the biggest reasons to get a pre-built PC is actually the time you’ll save. Building a PC from scratch requires you to do a lot of research, gather a lot of parts, and — of course — build the PC. While this is satisfying for some, it can be complex and exhausting for others. Buying a pre-built PC will save you a ton of time and allow you to start gaming right away.

In conclusion, pre-built gaming PCs are not cookie cutter. In fact, companies like CLX Gaming allow you to customize your PC to meet your specific needs, whether you need a powerful graphics card or extra memory options. You’ll be able to create the perfect PC to power your gaming sessions. It will be hand-built and ready to operate upon arrival, making it efficient, cost effective, and ensure you can start grinding up the ranks ASAP.

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