Combined with Wang's resignation, Lin Yu felt that the black box might contain the virus of type B pneumonia. After the rebirth, Foshan, Guangdong Province, did not break the news in November 2002, which made Lin Yu feel that his appearance might have affected some people's plans. In a more serious way, he even speculated that Wang Kezhou and Wang's resignation were the culprits of the spread of SARS coronavirus. The father and son may well be puppets of the Japanese, who brought back this terrible thing from Japan to spread on their soil after the other side developed the SARS coronavirus. It's worse than a beast! Lin Yu felt that if his guess was correct, then Wang Kezhou and Wang Cicheng, the two fathers and sons, were simply not enough pigs and dogs to be the sinners of the Chinese nation! After waiting for the phone in Muto Yuri's hand to slip quietly, Lin Yu opened his mouth and said, "The black box that your so-called boyfriend gave you probably contains a terrible virus.". Do you think he loves you or hates you? Muto Yuri, who wept silently, did not reply, but wept quietly. She knew that Lin Yu's guess was probably right. At best, he was just a tool in Wang's mind. Muto Yuri Linyu, who had no reason to cry, pulled Liu to the bedroom and asked in a low voice, "Can you crack the password of this black card?" "The security of this thing should be the highest level in the world!"! I'm not sure I can crack it, but I can test it. Liu explained with a smile. Lin Yu teased, "How do you feel about being a friend for the first time?" "It's so cool!" Liu gave a wretched smile. Since it's cool. She's just gone through another emotional trauma, and I think you can seize the opportunity to take her down! Lin Yu made a casual joke. Oh, don't say that I feel that this thing is really feasible! The enemy of my enemy is my friend! Liu said with a smile that his eyes were shining. Lin Yu, who was originally joking,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, saw that Liu was serious, and he helped to analyze: "This Muto Yuri looks very powerful.". In fact, I feel that she is a little girl who is not deeply involved in the world. It's Japanese, but it doesn't look bad. I have no objection to what you want. But the condition is that you must crack the secret. If you break it, I guarantee that her person and her heart are yours! "Really?" Liu Yi looks very interested. Ture Lin Yu answered softly. See No Ads Full Text No Mistakes First Novel-/Your Best Choice! Chapter 354 more than 50 million. "We're best friends. You don't think you'll lie to me, do you?" Start in high spirits-> novel planting + Qishu qisuu. Com e-book <-Liu, who enters various passwords in the computer, asked with a smile. [, ka $nzw He has 100% trust in Lin Yu. Lin Yu, who was just talking for fun, had a headache, which made such a Japanese beauty who had been hurt by Wang's resignation suddenly fall in love with Liu, a wretched fat man. The difficulty is as great as climbing the sky, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,sonicator homogenizer, and it must be infinitely close to zero. When Liu was busy, Lin Yu thought about ways to make Muto Yuri like Liu. Although he felt that this Muto Yuri was just a Japanese girl who knew a little ninjutsu. Nature is not bad, but it is a puppet used by Wang's resignation. But she this kind of courage is not big, the intelligence quotient is also not high Japanese girl lets its give up the heart Gao Fu Shuai Wang to resign suddenly likes Liu to be really difficult to handle. After thinking about it, Lin Yu shook his head helplessly and suddenly remembered an evil movie he had seen in his previous life, The Forbidden Room, and thought to himself: "Anyway, let's leave her in Liu for a few more days." By this time, Wang Chengde had already cooked a sumptuous meal, and all his raw materials were taken from Han Zhifei's house. When he had finished, he quickly beckoned to the crowd, "Come on.". Come and taste my cooking! It's not good to be hungry in the middle of the night! Under his greeting and Lin Yu's instruction, including Liu, Chen Hui, Han Zhifei and others went to the table to eat together. Only Muto Yuri, who was sitting on the sofa, was not invited. While a group of people were enjoying the seafood feast with relish, Yuri Muto, who had been hungry all day, swallowed the saliva secretly and cursed these unsympathetic Chinese men in his heart. Because Wang Cicheng's cruel use of her already felt that Chinese men were all bad people. But at that moment, the chubby Liu suddenly brought over a big bowl of rice, which contained not only rice but also peeled lobster meat, crab meat and abalone. Feeling very uncomfortable in the heart, Muto Yuri naturally could not face down to eat directly, although she was very hungry, but she still stubbornly pushed the rice bowl directly to the ground and suddenly became a fragment. But her provocative behavior did not get Liu's anger. He just honestly cleaned up the things scattered on the ground and then changed a bowl to bring the same thing to the other side. But this time, Yuri Muto's reaction was exactly the same as the last time. Her behavior provoked Chen Hui's dissatisfaction, and he wanted to kick the Japanese woman. But Lin Yu, who kept smiling, gently grabbed his arm under the table and whispered, "Don't ruin my plan!" Only then did Chen Hui understand the essence of the matter. But he still felt a little uncomfortable and felt that Liu should not have ideas about a Japanese girl. This is a disgrace to the Chinese people. Wang Chengde, who saw what the disciple was thinking, muttered indifferently, "Oh, if a girl from our country follows a Japanese devil or a foreign devil, it's really a loss!"! However, if a young man from a country makes a foreign girl obedient, it is not a disgrace but a glory for the country! "That's true, but I still think it's ridiculous!" Chen Hui, who was still very upset, still couldn't figure out that all the Japanese had a grudge against him and that his contact with them had humiliated his identity as a Chinese. Then Lin Yu smiled and said, "Have you ever seen a movie starring a Japanese woman?"? If you have seen it,ultrasonic spray nozzle, you will understand why Liu, an otaku, likes Japanese women! "I rely on you to be too evil!" Chen Hui looked at Muto Yuri with his eyes and said in silence.